Mike Jones

Well that Mike Jones is finally about to drop after months and months of screaming coming soon. April 19th is the date and since I’ve seen commercials for it I guess I finally have to believe that it’s actually going to happen. The album has it’s moments but there are a bunch of recycled lines on it that have appeared on undergrounds and mixtapes. As far as guests go he has got Big Moe, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Lil Bran, CJ Mellow, Killa Kyleon, Bun B, Lil Keke, and Brighteyes on the album. It’s a two disc and the second disc is screwed by Michael Watts. The shit is cute but really I’m not that all excited about hearing Mike Jones pushing the same shit he’s been doing for the past 3 years, shit only thing that has changed is his phone number, still rapping about how hoes didn’t want him, still screaming his name, still on that if you don’t grind you don’t shine. But this is Mike Jones, it’s what I expect from him. There are some dope cuts on the album, it isn’t all the same shit you’ve been hearing for a minute.

Turning Lane

Mike Jones screaming his name and repeating lines like he loves to do. Ending every line yelling “In the turning lane” as he busts lines about grippin that grain in the turning lane while steady muggin. His shit on here is still on that repetitious gimmick shit he has gotten over on but fuck man that beat is dope and dude is just got it going live as hell.

Know What I’m Saying feat Bun B & Lil Keke

This shit has Bun B and Lil Keke on it. The beat has these cutesy little pauses and they got some slowed out voice saying “know what I’m sayin.” The way the beat plays allows for each rapper to break off a couple lines before having to pause for the next line. It’s got some cutesy electronic bullshit bouncing around, over all it’s cute shit for cute times.


The most sincere of all the tracks on this album. It’s about how much he misses his grandma and how she kept him on the grind. My own grandma is a fucking bitch but I can fuck with this song cause I didn’t always think my grandma was a punk. It wasn’t until I was 13 and she busted in my room yelling at me to give her back the 20 bucks she just gave me. After that I said fuck that crazy bitch. She never got pissed at my uncle Carlos for putting me in a fucking dumpster when I was 5 years old. Fucking punk, she could have at least put his dumbass in check but no, she thought it was fucking cute. Although she didn’t think it was cute when I socked Carlos in the eye 10 years later. Oh and then she use to give my mom shit about my pops because he didn’t have a real job, she thought graduate school was a waste of time. Why waste your time working nights and going to school when he could get a job roofing for 20/hr like my uncle Victor. My mom’s family is full of punk bitches. Mike Jones’ grandma sounds way better than mine.

What Ya Know About feat Paul Wall & Killa Kyleon

Watchu know about know about switchin lane on the wood grain. The song is basically like a “They Don’t Know” part two but a little slower and Kyleon dropping some shit on it. I really need more Kyleon shit, dude is dope and more aggressive with his style than most. It’s not really all that prevalent on this track, in fact he isn’t really that impressive on here but he can dominate a mic. Whatever, fuck this typing shit, just download the motherfucker.

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