yo bludz can i talk about kobe soz on hurr

yo so check it bludz you might know me or you might not

but anyways im TA from the sco okay and im gonna drop

some serious physics aka science on you right now like

thomas dolby meets that newton dood okay stay with me

lets take a ride down south okay schmobb a right on

mission and head southbound through daly city then colma

then okay stop at lucky chances ughhhh and get something

to eat cause this is a long drive okay try the TAsilog (named

after yours truly ask Mel B or Steve if they sorving you they

know whats up) okay get back on mission (now called the elco

short for el camino okay its not rocket science here blud) then

you hit south city then san bruno then millbrae then you

arrive in sozzyland aka b-game aka burlingame hold up there

playbwoy dont get it twizted okay you think you in some soft

ass burb hell naw homie this is the home of my main shit stain

sozzy aka kobe soz yes ward you hurd me right what looks

like asleepy upper-upper-middle class burb is home to one of

the thuggest rappers i know okay bludz if you dont know sozzy

you may have seen his commercials on BET (no im dead fucking

serious i seen it there) or seen him at tower records signing

posters or whatever okay sozzy class is in session okay lets get

to chapter 1 of our text aka track 12:

creepin in da hood

only foolish dudes be packing

all my people vibe to this

my freethrows–i never miss

yes im the thug in the family

yes i slang crack in the industry–not! (unn uhh)

my man soz continues:

there aint no projects here in my town

but i claim i run the streets

and own the city

ballin it up

with the hustla committee

to all the hoes on the strip

check my tight whip

and dont trip

when you see the hustla click

cruising down the block

if this isnt street poetry i dont know what is homiez okay i could

go all day but the greatest thing about the new soz album the

initiative is all the fresh guest appearances sozzy got the hottest

names in the game rioght here from 50 cent to snoop to keak to

e-40 i mean hellooooo can anyone else see the hawt potential for

sales sales sales here anyway mad respect to JT the bigga figga

and all the other hawt producers selling this guy beats and guest

tracks and picture poses and all that yes mad respect to them

all for keeping it real and not soiling they names like i soiled

myself when i first heard this sophomore release from kobe soz

way to keep it real players TA totally respects you for not selling

out ward anyways if you can catch sozzy at the next burlingame

intermediate school dance or at the next burlingame high basketball

game i highly recommend it bird call

Sozzy has the crowd at Burlingame High School in a trance

MC stands for Move da Crowd

UGHHHHHH! Keak never guests on albums!

#1 Engineer in da biz, D-Wiz says ‘Triple Platinum Nigga!’



8 responses to “yo bludz can i talk about kobe soz on hurr

  1. *sniffle*

    you have done a good deed indeed TA, I’ve been waiting so long to see Kobe get his shine (save the Ay Yo’s)

    Someone hand me a kleenex.

  2. “Jesus, you guys unleashed TA on the “blogosphere” ? Heads ain’t ready…”

    yeah should be interesting how this goes down, but I figure fuck it. heads better buck up and get wise to his game

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