So Many Shrimp Radio Episode 20 – Rio Mac & ChaseTheMoney


Episode 20 celebrates the production team most known for propelling Valee into a GOOD Music deal through Def Jam: Rio Mac (Part 1, and interview with an exclusive, lengthy DJ mix) and Chase The Money (Part 2, interview only). Rio, has been producing for years and first broke onto the scene with King Louie’s “Too Cool” seven years ago, and has since developed a stark, spare style responsible for the sound of narrative-driven rappers like Ty Money as well. ChaseTheMoney, originally from St. Louis, has a style which gives a tight focus to a noisier, busier style.

Rio came through David’s living room for an interview with Charne and David, while Chill and David decamped to Chase’s downtown hideaway for a quick interview session….

Part 1: Rio Mac (interview + mix)

Part 2: ChaseTheMoney (interview)

So Many Shrimp Radio Episode 19 – D.Brooks Exclusive


D. Brooks is a producer/beatmaker whose work with West Side rapper Dreezy on her first mixtape Schizo helped launch her career (she’s now signed to Interscope and has since done songs with Gucci Mane and Kodak Black); his work with Baton rouge rapper NBA YoungBoy last year on single “Untouchable” has more than 100 million streams on YouTube with zero radio play, an incredible level of popularity for an underground record. It was recently awarded a platinum certification.

D. Brooks’ strength is to convey an emotional resonance that feels that much more genuine, that much more heartfelt, than the work of the next producer. Lately, he’s been working with the talented Englewood rapper KD Young Cocky; the two collaborated on one of David’s favorite songs last year, “Slippin.” The two are working on an upcoming project called Squad Goals, and this mix features some unreleased, exclusive tracks from the duo.

Part 1 is a mix by David & Charne.

Part 1: David & Charne

Part 2: D.Brooks

So Many Shrimp Radio Episode 18 – Vic Lloyd


Chicago hip-hop’s “Big Homie,” Vic Lloyd has been a rapper, DJ, mentor, streetwear designer (see his Sensei line) and store owner, and one of the city’s most important cultural figures. He’s worked with anyone who’s anyone in Chicago hip-hop at one time or another. Vic is a DJ with a fingerprint-unique identity, a sound driven by Chicago’s taste for classic soul reimagined for a contemporary context.

This episode was recorded December 17, 2017 at David’s place in Chicago, IL.

Part 1: David Drake and Charne Graham

Part 2: Vic Lloyd [On Audiomack cuz SoundCloud is tripping]


So Many Shrimp Radio Episode 17 – Tree


Cabrini Green’s own MC Tree G is a critically-acclaimed rapper-producer whose sound broke to some international recognition in 2012, an example of the wide-ranging sound of Chicago’s diverse hip-hop scene. Though there were label deals in the works, things don’t always work out–first among them, the desires of an artist and the expectations of showbiz. In a rare interview, Tree talked with David and Charne about his career, and played an exclusive mix of the music that made him who he is. Recorded last spring, this was originally intended as episode 8 but is being released out of order because we feel like it.

Part 1: David and Charne’s Mix


Part 2: Tree Interview & DJ Mix

So Many Shrimp Radio Episode 16 – DJ King Marie


Part 2 is an interview and mix by DJ King Marie. Catch DJ King Marie spinning coast to coast, but mostly in Chicago, where she has regularly destroys East Room with a trademark mix of hip hop and juke records. A Native Chicagoan, Christine Marie has also rocked residencies in New York and LA, and recently worked as tour DJ for Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids.

Part 1 is a mix by David and Charne!

Recorded August 13, 2017.

Part 1: David Drake & Charne Graham mix

Part 2: DJ King Marie Interview & Mix

So Many Shrimp Radio Episode 15 – Gemini Jones


So Many Shrimp Radio Episode 15 features the hardest working DJ in Chicago, the one & only DJ Gemini Jones. Gemini Jones is a widely respected DJ who Charne first discovered six years back, when she was spinning at the legendary Shrine nightclub. She’s known not just for being an adept pro DJ, but also for her eclectic sets which mix music new & old, and keeps things Chicago by incorporating juke music alongside hip-hop, house, dancehall, and R&B.

Part 2 features an interview with Gemini and a DJ mix.

Part 1 is a more-adventurous-than-usual mix by David Drake and Charne Graham.

Part 1 – David & Charne’s Mix


Part 2 – Gemini Jones’ Interview and Mix
[Download here; stream here. Soundcloud removed it because the industry is lame]

So Many Shrimp Radio Episode 14 – Lulu Be. and Jayaire Woods

For episode 14 of So Many Shrimp Radio, rather than interviewing a DJ or producer, we interviewed two up-and-coming rappers from Chicago whose work excited us & suggested they have a promising future. After a quick Q&A, they played us mini-mixes of the music that inspires them. It’s easy to hear how both artists arrived at their distinctive sounds from the songs they selected here.

This episode was recorded July 22, 2017, at David’s place.

Lulu Be. is from the North Side of Chicago and found some mini-viral success with her single “Rude Ting.” Her sound is a diasporic blend that touches on dancehall, afrobeats, and hip-hop with a Chicago bent. She followed it up at the end of last year with the Lululand EP, which you can find at your local streaming site.


Jayaire Woods is from Bellwood, IL, and his 2017 release Big Wood was one of So Many Shrimp’s favorite albums last year. With a distinctive flow, considerable compositional gifts, and a tendency to write heartfelt lyrics, the QC Records (Migos, Lil Yachty) signee is one of Chicago’s most promising young talents.