Farnsworth Bentely Sucks

I hate this motherfucker. Fuck his umbrella, fuck his bowties, and fuck his shitty ass rapping. Apparently when you sign up to become Puffy’s personal bitch you also become a fucking rapstar. I can’t stand this guy. According to him he doesn’t even rap, “What I do is to be referred to as `dissertation over instrumental.’ ” And people thought anticon was pretentious? Its all some bullshit attempt to make him out to be with worldy renaissance man. I think he’s a eloquent piece of shit. The guy is even starting his own line of luxury umbrellas. My fucking god how stupid do you have to be to buy this shit. Sweet crap the man refers to his goddamn socks as “men’s hosiery.” SOCKS!!! What the fuck bitch, they are goddamn socks, get it right you fucking jackass. Farnsworth wants to bring back the “gentleman” but I think he’s trying to bring back the bitchman. What guys need to learn about is how to fix their goddamn cars not how to do a fucking four-in-hand knot with an overpriced tied. Fuck Farnsworth Bently and his motherfucking pocket squares.

If you too would like to ride an umbrella to hiphop stardom well then go here

4 responses to “Farnsworth Bentely Sucks

  1. if there was someone (who prehaps was a rapper or preformer, and not just some guy) who promoted a happy medium between almost not wearing clothes and wearing clothes meant for norwegian pimps, i would surley be a happy man.

  2. “Dissertation” is a noun – not a verb. You should know better than that if you had written one.If you have to tell everyone how unique you are, are you really unique? I realize that you are trying to create an image – but to do so under the guise of ‘being original’ or ‘keeping it real’ if you will is terribly hypocritical and nothing short of trite – everyone in the entertainment industry does it. I applaud your efforts in graduating college – but that doesn’t make you a big fish, just the biggest fish in a small pond. And how big of a fish are you in the small pond of rappers who use uneducated grammar and speech – (your own words) “I don’t want none of those,” Bentley said. “All up in my interview, disrupting my interview. I don’t want none of those.” And your lyrics “You’ve met the college dropout, now meet the college finisher/ Farnsworth Bentley slim like a Doberman Pincher/ You can ask my mentor/ ’03 the dress rehearsal, now I’m the big spender/ Still need another hint-a?/ Supercharged Mini Cooper, leather interior/ Sorry, MCs, if you offended/ Find out Farnsworth sh– sound splendid/ Just two years in the game, yet he pimped it.” See, as much as you have tried to create this persona – your motivation is clear and always will be – the truth is always clear – you are just another in a sea of less-than-talented artists who rely on the current tide of image related entertainment used to perpetuate the misrepresentation of any possession of genuine talent. Unfortunately, you like most of these folks will begin to believe their own false creation and your psyche will be unable to differentiate between the reality and unreality that you have created. Evidenced by simple things like referring to yourself as having multiple personalities and “alter-egos.” But this shouldn’t come as a surprise after-all – your entire gimmick is just that – image is everything. Try being true to yourself and who you are – you may have something to offer this world – but no one including yourself will ever discover what that is until you begin to be honest with yourself – until then everything you do and everything you are is preceded, nourished and followed by lies. The truth shall set you free….Derek. By the way “dissertation” is a noun – not a verb. You should know better than that if you had written one.

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