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  2. What’s up my name is Devon Page and I have been keeping up with your work and content for over a year now and I just want to say congratulations on everything that you’ve done and I know that you have plenty more in store. I am reaching out to you also because I managet Jayaire Woods, a rapper from Bellwood who is gaining a lot of critical acclaim coming off of his third project of his career BIG WOOD THE EP while being signed to Quality Control, the home of Migos and Lil Yachty, he has toured opening up for Lil yachts and also opened up for the migos when they performed at the house of blues. I was wondering if working with us would be something that you’re interested in but if not I definitely wanted to shoot you the music to see what you think. He has also released 2 mixtape the first being Trees42morrow and the second FreetTheFall when it comes to music Jayaire is one of the most talented artist you will find today. His ability to merge melody with some of the most unique lyrics you will hear and it’s all original. You won’t find another artist with his lane and I’m hoping this can set him apart in the city. I would love to talk more if you’re ever available. Feel free to email me at
    I hope to hear from you soon, and keep up the amazing work!

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