Most Overrated Hip Hop Albums.

Now that Entertainment Weekly has told us the 25 best, a lot of that shit on there was weak. Here are some overrated shit IMO.

1) Marshal Mathers LP. Eminem is Jesus to wiggaz. This guy is their savior, thats why you see Christgau and white people who should know better jock him. Armond White had him right. He was invented by MTV and Jimmy Iovine to perform a coup on hip hop. Dre stole his worst beats on this album. He should have found a better ghost producer to bite. As a matter of fact, this concluded The Good Dr’s comeback. He hasn’t done shit since, save one or two ghostwritten beats for 50. Also, Eminem’s alleged wit and humor are nowhere to be found on this shock jock album. I might as well listen to Howard Stern. This was the 7000th “The world Is Against Me” album. That might turn on your average moronic teenager from the burbs and loony lefty’s in The Village Voice, but it doesn’t cut it on any other level.

2) Illmatic-The New Rakim? How you gonna be the new Rakim when for the past 10 yrs you been using the same one dimensional mechanic flow? When was the last time Nas switched up his flow? Maybe it’s because he can’t do it. That’s why Jay Z buried him in 2001 in any sane persons opinion except for those TRL teenyboppers pretending Nas won to sound credible. I know what Nas is gonna say before he says it. Yep, we are all Zombies in a white man’s world, except for Nas, the biggest hypocrite in hip hop history. Nas tried to be Jay Z-like on It Was Written and I Am but flopped, now he’s pretending he some underground crusader. He wanted that mainstream love and success but lacks charisma or personality. Have you seen this guy interviewed? Might as well be talking to a statue. Illmatic is the Raging Bull of hip hop. Too obvios in its aspirations to be great, and Nas posturing as some street corner intellectual lets it down.

3) The Love Below- Middle America’s favorite type of black people. Nice and Wholsome. Even if they haven’t caught on to Andre 3000’s Prince routine, I can’t believe people are going around calling this lame album The best of 2003 and one of the best in history. Oliver Wang was right to give EW props for pointing out Aquemini is their best shit. What was Andre saying on The Love Below. “You are the prototype”. WTF does that mean? Personally, I think standards for lyricism are dropping with that kind of weak shit getting play. I’m still confused by that shit. Oh I get it, Andre 3000 plays a guitar, he must be a genius.

4) Black On Both Sides- Rappers like Mos Def get a free ride for being wack because of the popularity of neo-black power movements. MosDef is obviosly a fan of Malcolm X and probably watched Panther a few times too often. He has gone to the Emmyss to prove how revolutionary he is. All these freedom fighter MC’s want the good shit in life, they want the bling, the cars, the girls, they can’t get it, so this is their Get Out Of Unemployment Free Card. They can always go underground and fight the system as a career even though Mos Def is more Hollywood than Will Smith. OK, anyone who wants to be called landmark, revolutionary, doing “real music”., do like Mos Def do and start phony rebellion against I don’t know what. Jay Z has left these conscious clowns in the dust with his practical attitude to music and life.

16 responses to “Most Overrated Hip Hop Albums.

  1. hmmm…I thought I was the only one who thought the Love Below was an overrated album. Andre gets waaay too much of a free-pass on his weak composition skills. He’s still dope when he rhymes but that album sucks. You are wrong on Nas though. Let the hate begin…

  2. Definetely wrong on nas. He’s an artist, shouldn’t be knocking someone for trying to be an ‘intellectual’. How about if everyone just stops doing that and we all act with the materialistic bling bling emptiness which resonates with emptiness ?

  3. black on both sides was dope. it also didn’t get enough jock riding to be overrated. it had good beats and even mos’s b-game is well above passable. if his new shit gets critical knob-slobbin, then I’m gonna be angry.

    illmatic isn’t overrated because it’s worth the hype. but nas is a one-album guy. he’s not a very interesting person. he’s fiona apple when he opens his mouth. but he had one classic album in him and he put it out there.

    and the worst thing about love below is that it’s actually a pretty good album. I still play “spread” and “she’s alive” pretty often. and that one track with the rap. but both the singles can eat a dick. “hey ya” is the worst thing ever.

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  6. Damn you went at eminem.But eminem is NOT the king of wiggers,thats right you know how is?2pac.Its so true what suburban "gangsta" do you know who doesnt own "all eyez on me" and doesnt own a couple of t-shirts with 2pacs face on it?None of them dispute it all you want but its true.But that shit is overrated I agree white people jock eminem way to hard and they should no better.Eminem is a damn good rapper but he wasted his talent on shock rap.
    I love how you went as nas that was pretty good.Nas is a clown if you ask me.He is a overrated hypocryte.He called jay-z a dickriding faggot?Said jay-z copied his style?Get outta here he sounded just like a jay-z wannabe for years,nas wanted his career to turn out how jay-zs has not the other way around Hes got 0 personality he seems much more plastic and phony than jay-z.The only classic album nas has ever done was illmatic,his only good album after illmatic was stillmatic,an overrated album itself.Nastradomous is the worst album of all time,I am… was garbage,his efforts after stillmatic have been terrible.Nas should retire im sick of him trying to be some kinda hero in the black community because he is not.No one is paying attention to him its that simple.He should go away that fool wouldnt make my top 100 im tired of fake intellectuals like nas polluting hip-hop.Nas got a middle school education I bet he can barely read and he thinks he's an intellectual.
    Jay-Z>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nas-There is a giant gap between the two.Nas got one hot album I agree with jay-z.I dare anyone to listen to street dreams and tell me that wasnt selling out.He goes on his hip-hop is dead crusade and he helped kill it with wack records and badly swaggerjacking jay-z for a good 6 years.Am I sayin jay-z is the best?Naw but he is way better.jay-z won the beef I will never be able to win this argument but nas lied his ass on "ether".
    Jay-Z did not say he was better than big,he said he was the closest one.Nas talks bad about women just as much if not more than jay-z,all nas did was play the "im a good guy and jay-z is evil" thing and it worked.
    Mos Def is slightly better to me,he isnt a hypocrite like nas at the least.
    Hip-Hop sucks,bunch of fake black panthers and fake intellectuals lecturing you is not good shit.Im black and I would rather listen to stuff like classic rock over all this bullshit.I went back and started listenin to Chuck Berry type rock,the blues,and soul I cant stand hip-hop at all.Its not even these days it was the 90s now that I think about it hiphop needs to just die off.
    Nas is part of the reason,the day nas was considered a great to me was the day I was like forget hip-hop.He is about average as a rapper but managed to get lucky enough to drop a album that good.
    (p.s-Street Dreams is the worst song of all time.Ashley Simpson could do a gangster rap song and it would be more believable than street dreams and nas as a "gangsta".

  7. ohh,I want to go at mos def to.Im sick of this corny rebellion against nothing.What is mos def fighting?Nothing at all he just wants to sound “consious” so he pulls out the old boring afro-beat style and rebels I guess.These black panther rappers suck its that simple.Dead Prez just might be the worst rap group of all time but because there political they get away with having no talent.Mos Def is crap.He wants the fame and forune its a fact he isnt doing rap for anything else just like all the rappers these internet hip-hop heads seem to despise mos def and nas are just as terrible.
    Thank you for finally saying jay-z is better than mos def and nas and all these other frauds.”Jay-Z has left these conscious clowns in the dust with his practical attitude to music and life” is 100% true jay-z is a better rapper in every shape,way,and form than nas.I really dont get what peoples problem with jay-z is.Whats so bad about being a buisnessman and makin that money.Jay-z has done much more for the hood than nas has done.All nas does is stomp his feet,whine,and complain about how he has it so hard and how he deals with racism so much and every non-black panther afro-beat loser like him is just a slave to the white man.Give me a break nas doesnt no anything about struggle.He got signed as a teenager he was livin in a nice home in a clean neighboorhood by his 17th birthday.Nas is succseful in tricking both white and black people to buy his records,for one he does not hate white people,but come buy my album and sit through and hour or so of me doging your race and everything about you.So the panther brothers can feel it.He is a great marketer in that sense.If he was truely this guy he wants black people to think he is than why doesnt he go full out racist with no apoligys like Paris or the lench mob?Cause he wants to sell to anyone wanting to give the apperance of being political not just black people.Jay-Z offered nas the opportunity to battle him but what did nas do?He cowered out made some excuse and kept doing his typical whoa is me im a 30 year old millionaire but I have it so hard crap.Nas shoulda went away after it was written but people still want to keep him in the game cause they think he’s dope.Jay-Z raps circles around this guy,its that simple.The reason nas is considered a good lyricist is because the bland generic style nas uses is accosiated with being a good lyricist.Jayz is a true lyricist,he is a master at wordplay,a good storyteller,and a hot punchline rapper.What isnt real about what hes talkin about it makes sense its practical.Nas is a rappin Dale Gribble all he has been for years is a fake poet with no mic skills.It was written era nas was wearin silk shirts and talkin about the mafia and Cubans just like jay-z had been doin nas swagger jacked him.What is diffrent from lil wayne than nas?Lil Wayne is actually better at least he’s keepin his music entertainin and not mindlessly talkin about conspircys and stuff he knows nothing about.He talks about sex,cars,and stuff like that.Things nas knows more about than the goverments plots to destroy black America that he makes up.Jay-z should be a idol for black people,look at his empire.Whats not real about it.Jay-z is one of the most succesful black men in America he is a big name world wide and nas is just making a couple of bucks off idiots who think there smart cause they got a couple of political rap songs on there ipod.
    Nas should shut his mouth he’s a fraud and needs to go away.
    In fact if you look at typical polls nas usually finishes higher than jay-z on best rapper polls aimed at the pop crowd.

  8. Nas buried Jay.. You’ve heard Ether right?
    Nas has two genius albums Illmatic and Stillmatic.
    And before you say shit im a big Jay fan too.

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