C-Rayz Walz Is A Rap Mentor

C-Rayz Walz has just been picked by MTV to be a ‘freestyle mentor’ on their hit show, Made. Over the next month C-Rayz Walz will be preparing and guiding an aspiring emcee from Minneapolis through what it takes to be a cold crushing freestyle battle rapper. As he is taken under the wing of C-Rayz, the cameras will document the progression of an unknown emcee with little to no skill all the way to his entrance into a big time battle. Tune in on June 10th to see C-Rayz Walz teach and guide this kid to the top of the freestyling ranks!

I got that from a def jux email and just thought what the fuck. C-Rayz is a cutesy rapper and all but fucking Made? who the fuck hooked that shit up? God I can only imagine how much better this episode will be that that dumbfuck hiphop dance bullshit, that episode was fucking Abbylicious. This idea is about as swift as Angie Martinez learning to rap from a fucking book. I love my mtv.

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