Some Dallas shit, around the 3:30 mark it kind of loses it with the singing but man I’ve been feeling a lot of these A.Dd+ dudes’ stuff lately.  That beat slaps, I mean it’s hard too lose when you rock that static bass over yeah ho chants. Some North Texas rap delivery that keeps it up to speed with a little distortion in the vocals popping up once in a while to keep it moving to the next. Also rap beats with sirens are always a good look for aggressive fast raps. If you’ve got the chance to see these dudes live I’d recommend checking, saw them in Austin and it was a dope live show.  But yeah click that shit above if you want to download more of their stuff or just go to divehiflylo

Plaid Palm Trees

Dopehead-Plaid Palm Trees

Listening to this for the first time right now. If you like the detroit stylin of Danny Brown but feel that he can get a little to loose with his voice and like him when he’s a little more restrained then you should check this. Dopehead came nice on that Bruiser Brigade track so I checked this off the strength. His beats are slightly more traditional than what you might expect from someone in DB’s camp but unique enough that he doesn’t fall into some boring ass been there done that shit. It’s just a frame for him to build his own perspective around.

That beat on Time Crisis is fucking dope and he brings enough aggro to fit the stripped down drums, static bass blasts and cascading robosynths. I like when he fucks with his more off the wall beats because I feel like his voice can get more punch through a beat than Danny Brown who tends to just get too high with his voice and too piercing.  Dopehead carries more weight with his delivery. Anyways check it, lots of raps about getting high and sticking dicks into females, it’s a good time.

ST 2 Lettaz- Black & Red

I was never really sold on the whole Huntsville International movement. I respect it what these guys are doing but as far as the music goes it just wasn’t really for me. Couple of joints I like  here and there but I wasn’t riding for it like some people I know were/do. Regardless today I decided to peep their new joint Black & Red and I’m feeling this track more than their usual output. Not saying I’m going to run out and cop everything but don’t ignore what these dudes are doing down in Huntsville.  Anyways peep game, it’s got some goddamn 80’s flashdance horror paced strings climbing for the beat that towards the end get cut with a synth tearing through. It teeters on too much but never goes over. The chorus builds the epicness of this song while the verses kind of bring it back from being too over the top, a bit of reality hold up the overwhelming dramatic chorus. Anyways I like this joint and you should listen to it because I fucking said so.

Black & Red

via hsvinternational

Another Podcast

Booyah Bitches Podcast #7

I’ve been meaning to make one of these for a minute just because all the electro mixes I hear tend to be disappointing. I fucking love this shit so much, it’s such a throw back to my childhood. This shit is just straight up awesome. It’s a mix of my records and stuff I pulled from Stef’s stash. Some great shit and not even all of everything we’re sitting on. I’ll probably do another one of these. This one doesn’t have that many raps on it but I’m fine with that, I love the sound of drum machines. That fucking clap is so goddamn classic. Anyways enjoy, I know I will.  This music makes me want to post up at the park with my boombox blasting on fools. I want to do a miami bass and freestyle joint too but that’s for another day. Maybe I’ll have someone actually mix one of these podcasts.

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