Vinyl Exchange Radio

Ok so this is the deal, the server that my girlfriend, DJ Stef’s site and mine are on took a shit. Fortunately I backed my shit up but Stef didn’t so she lost all her shit. I haven’t been able to publish shit for days cause blogger fucking sucks, if anyone knows of some better shit that’s free and allows you to publish on your own shit hook a brother up. Anyways my friend Miro who hooks up our hosting shit is working on getting the hard drive and trying to salvage what he can off that shit. In the meantime she decided to start a blog and a internet radio/mix show. VE Radio is basically this half hour mix she throws up on the site every Sunday. The last three are mixed by her and all three are still up for download, but in the future she’s going to feature some other dj’s.

peep the tracklisting for this week’s show:

01. “U.S. Interlude” – Pep Love w/ background vocals by Goapele (2001 Hiero Imperium) Prod. by Bicasso
02. “Brand Nu Live” feat. J-Live – DJ Nu-Mark (2004 Sequence Records) Prod. by DJ Nu-Mark
03. “New + Improved” feat. What What – The Herbaliser (1997 Ninja Tune) Prod. by The Herbaliser
04. “Fuck You” (Bomb Hip Hop Compilation)- Homeliss Derilex (1994 Bomb Entertainment/PGA Records) Prod. by G-Luv
05. “U Know Now” (Buckwild Remix) – Show & A.G. (1995 Payday/FFRR) Prod. by Show & A.G.
06. “Gangsta Rap” – Ill Bill (1999 Psycho+Logical Records) Prod. by Necro
07. “Hard Twelve” – Beat Assailant (2004 Twin Fizz Records) Prod. by B.A. and Zash
08. “Want” (Ropeladder 12 test press) – Boom Bip feat. Slug (2001 Mush Records) Prod. by Boom Bip
09. “Where I’m From” (Ohridgnal 12″) – Digable Planets (1993 Pendulum Records/Elektra) Prod. by Butterfly
10. “Funky Song” – Low Profile (1990 Priority Records) Prod. by DJ Aladdin
11. “My Bad” – E-A-Ski (2005 Infrared Music Group) Prod. by E-A-Ski and CMT

Also for those that don’t know, VinylExchange started as a newsletter here in the bay area. It was mostly for and by dj’s with reviews of new records coming out, interviews and shit like that. It started back in ’95, as the newsletters popularity grew she started mailing copies out to various spots around the country. The last print version was in December of ’97; after that she just took the whole thing online. Vinylexchange has been around for 10 years now and throughout that time has remained strictly about vinyl, regardless of how many idiots send her albums that are not pressed on vinyl at all. Peep that shit cause it’s diehard.


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