Newshit that people aren’t dancing to yet but should be.

Back with more of that ready rock.

I really dunno why I still get excited about copping new vinyl– specifically white labels. Whenever I play the shit out, nobody gives a fuck because their listening habits are so Clear Channelized that it’s almost impossible for a lowly DJ like myself to “break” a new cut when I DJ. People really don’t dance to shit that they’ve never heard before, even if it’s just fucking bananas. That really fucking pisses me off. But, anyway, I’ve posted these three cuts that aren’t big on the radio and so you probably won’t be able to play them anywhere but in your headphones because people only like to dance to shit that they know all the fucking words to and have choreographed dances to and shit. Whatever. Peep game and if you have more balls then I do, drop this shit in your sets and force motherfuckers to feel it.

NORE and Peedi Crak produced by Just Blaze “Niggarican”: This is on some Reggaeton white label but shit ain’t Reggaeton. It’s just a straight up, synthed-out Just Blaze banger with NORE and Peedi spitting stupid shit on it. Kind’ve a niche market record for them half-black half-hispanic folk, but I will say that if I were half-black half-hispanic, this shit would be my anthem. Peedi is basically like “Fuck rapping, I’m just gonna do a bunch of my catch phrase ‘riiing riiing’ ‘peedi peedi’ type shit on this shit” but I’ll be got damned if the shit don’t sound super hot. NORE says “I drink like a sailor and curse like a sixth grader” proving once again that he’s an idiotic genius.

Busta produced by Scott Storch “Hurt You”: Scott Storch is on fire. Beat is murder. Busta kills this shit, too. This shit should be BIG, but it won’t be because Busta isn’t mumbling and rapping all slow and wack and predictably clubby. He’s just flat out killing it. Shit bumps, though.

Q-tip featuring Busta Rhymes produced by the Neptunes “For the Nasty”: I don’t really know why I copped this. I like the beat, but I’m so done with Q-Tip. I think I convinced myself that I could do something with the instrumental. I dunno. This shit might be big, but I kinda doubt it. I do like the beat and it might be one of these tracks that winds up growing on people and’ll be big in like 6 months, but right now, shit ain’t really hitting. I do like the beat, though. Did I mention that?


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