It’s Going Down

More joints I picked up at SXSW, I got both of those CD’s and a Whut It Dew shirt the first night of SXSW. When I got the shirt the dude selling it was all apologizing for only having a large, which happens to be what I asked for but I guess he just assumed I was trying to rock a white tee down to my knees. That same night we saw Chops perform. His performance primarily consisted of him playing beats on his keyboard which I thought was cool but I’m not sure how the crowd felt about it. Kids seemed to be standing there looking lost like they weren’t sure what to do since he wasn’t rapping the whole time and there was no hypeman yelling a bunch of incoherent bullshit. Whatever though, I had a lot of fun at the show drinking cheap ass lonestars.

For this mixtape DJ LT Dan and Chops team up to bring you a some cutesy southern joints. Paul Wall on hosting duties. Gang of people showing up on this such as Bun B, Scarface, Chingo Bling, Lil Jon, Flip, T.I., Baby, Lil Wayne, YoungBloodz, Tosin, Gritboys, Z-Ro, Devin, ODB, Trick Daddy, shit man they even got Matt Sonzala screaming “HOUSTON SO REAL DOT BLOGSPOT DOT COM!” The CD mostly features Texas artists but there are a hand full of others on it too.

I’m still surprised how far removed this stuff is from the shit Chops was doing with the Mountain Brothers. Not that it’s a bad thing but hell if 6 years ago you told me Chops would be making beats for Bun B I would have thought you were out of your goddamn mind. Chops brings some heat on this, his remix of Datz Me is dope. He brings in more of that low end with some stretched out synthesized horns that give the song more bump in the trunk. There are also some moments that while Chops’ remixes are good they just can’t top the original, think every remix of Still Tippin ever. No one is topping that shit.

Chops brings Bun B in on the opening track, Getcha Head Right. They trade verses over some pizzicato strings that ride over some tick ticks and drum kicks. David says it sounds like “Yeah” unplugged and I think I have to agree, it’s got those tones. Bun brings what you’d expect from him, the man can really do no wrong. Chops letting you know about how the philly texas connection went down, his pops worked for Texas Instruments. TI-86 LIKE WHAT!

I’m throwing up this ODB track cause it’s the fucking jam. Dirty just spitting all over the mic with his head wobbling around like it’s going to fall off. Slim and Bun on the track cause no laws can control them. Slim with his slow commanding delivery that rides beat smoothly. But then Bun comes in speeding up his delivery and just tearing through the rest of the song. This track is followed by an E.S.G. freestyle. ESG just throws it down for a quick two minutes over this stuttering beat with some short snakecharmer tones to it spread through out.

Chops Feat. Bun B – Getcha Head Right
Youngbloodz Feat. Young Buck – Datz Me (Chops Remix)
ODB Feat. Slim Thug & Bun B – Down South (Lt. Dan Superblend)
E.S.G. – ESG Interlude/Freestyle

Buy this mixtape here

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