Freestyle Kings

That banner hangs on top of an old dog house that was mounted on a stand about 10 feet off the ground. The sign was originally for some dog grooming place that failed. Now the entrance to the store is covered in magazine cutouts and posters promoting release dates that don’t mean a goddamn thing. I walked into this store in the fall of 1999 and asked the dude behind the counter to order me a Porn Theater Ushers record. Much to my surprise he actually knew where to get it from which blew me away not just because all the shit he sold was southern music and mostly screwed, but because he was probably the first person I’d ever met outside of my underground hiphop friends that had heard of these dudes. Anyways the point is that Dj Bull who owns the store got down with the Freestyle Kings and started releasing there shit on Dirty 3rd Records.

the cover really is that blurry too, fucking quality

While I was at SXSW Catchdubs hooked me up with copy of their CD, I guess he had an extra one or some shit. The CD is actually from 2002 so don’t be thinking its some new shit or anything. Anyways the Freestyle Kings are Big Ake, Big Redd, Big Red, Lil Sho, Sir Coop, Tite, and Chalie Boy. I got to see Chalie Boy do it up during Rapid Ric’s set at SXSW which was nice. He had Magno throw down some shit also. Mango is also on this CD, featured on this song Iced Out which has this beat made of plastic pianos with a touch of glitch. Pretty much all the production is handled by Salih Williams who is the guy who made the Still Tippin beat. There isn’t really any shit on here of that caliber but the CD kind of gives you a glance of where he was at 3 years ago.

Chalie Boy is all over this CD, appearing on almost every single song belting out some shit. Straight 4 swanging, dropping screens, riding twankies, always plexin, big facing, and chrome spinning. Boys can’t hold that voice. Shit I don’t even really like having people singing on tracks, it’s a big reason I can’t fuck with Nate Dogg, that shit just seems like a waste to me but soft motherfuckers like David like that modern soul bullshit. Chalie gets into his breakdowns and almost raps so I can deal with it a little better. Also Chalie doesn’t really try to get all cute with his pitches like it was some fucking starsearch contest which is probably why I can put up with him better than most rap singers. Whatever though, on with the mp3’s.

Down South 2 featuring Tite, Big Hawk, Youngstar, Chalie Boy, & Big Ake
Xylophones sounding like some windchims at your moms house lead into some synthesized horns and that’s pretty much it for a beat other than some drums you can’t really hear all that well over Big Hawk telling you how they do it downsouth, platinum and the gold, ice in the mouth, blades and candy paint. Down South 2 is a longer version of the opening track of the same name, difference is there are more people rapping.

Mumble featuring Tite, Big Rob, Big Redd, Sir Coop
This is a song about how they want women to mumble while they suck their dicks. I don’t think I really have to say much more than that.

What Tha Fuck featuring Big Redd, Big Ake, Lil Sho
“I got an STD not a disease you trick, to me STD stands for Super Tall Dick” And who said rappers were not poets?

Uh Oh featuring Chalie Boy and Tite
A fucking computer learned to play the piccolo. Chalie Boy hollering Uh Oh cause Freestyle Kings is the team dropping screens. Shit I can’t even really tell you why I like this song. The rapping isn’t going to blow you away although Chalie just comes through flowing on it. The beat doesn’t have much to it but fuck I just like this song.

Honestly, I don’t think this album is really all that great but it’s been in my cd player for over a week and in that time it’s grown on me. I’m sure there are people who will think this shit is questionable as hell to post about but fuck those people. If I cared what you thought I would have asked your bitchass.

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