gucci’s top 25 verses 2009 pt. 2: the top ten

part 1

One last thing that strikes me as notable about Gucci’s output, & tends to be an underrated part of the aesthetic judgments of rap fans in gen., is the sense of craft, & thats something refreshing that dude brings to the table in an era of loosely connected punchlines hammered home (“SOCCER TEAM!”) w/out any style. That sense of making crafted raps appear effortless.

10. Birds
it’s on person, i’m one person, but i’m twerkin’
on old national, traffickin’, call it networkin’
the bird chirpin’, it’s curb service, my pass perfect
like james worthy i dropped 40 points last thursday
but i’m wilt chamberlain, charm dancin’ and danglin’
pot scrr scrapin’ it, cookie cutters and bakeries
you hustlin’ lazily, so your wages marginal
green kush, white cane, pill color of cardinal
i blowed up, i’m blowin’ up them particles
gucci mane’s a trapper but that question’s rhetorical
go ask an oracle, better yet read an article
feds use binoculars, gucci sellin’ tilapia
twin chopp-e-rs, poppin’ ya, stand on top of ya,
helicopters transferrin’ ya to the docter-a
see i’m the author of cookie cappin’ and chargin’ ya
while i’m burnin yay in my kitchen just like an arensal

9. Pressure (1st verse)
the waves in my fade make a bitch need a surfboard
I bang on the track like GDs, crips and vice lords
bloods, latin kings, if you bang, throw your rag up…
whole clique flagged up, go and get toe tagged up
black car, white guts, you can call it oreo
gucci bring pies to your door like he dominoes
soldier like geronimo, my house big as the pentagon
out there trappin like texaco but now i’m finna buy the one
rims on my M made your trim wanna lay with him
slim with the tilted brim, flossing all the diamond gems
actually, trapping got me counting cash rapidly
wheels spin backwardly, brick squad factory

8. Weird (2nd verse)
my car got personality, the grille be smiling, honey
my rims are very charming and my leather seats are comfy
gucci major money shawty i get crazy cloudy
have a baby by me probly maybe i’ll buy you an audi
maui wowie, stupid cloudy, loudy got me rowdy rowdy
chevy caprice 73 play master p im bout it bout it
prints color mariah carey, if Nick Cannon ask about it
tell em that big gucci said it, so icey get stupid with it
drop top be, passenger seat celebrity
seven chains on so gucci mane shining heavily
cocaine heavenly, soft white prejudice
all white bricks same color as my necklace

7. She Got a Friend
9-1-1 emergency!
drop top benz is burgundy
yo girl has just been stolen from you
call that shit a burglary
hard top lambo earlier
drop top beemer later doe
chevy vette with stupid feet
got yo wife in bucket seats
stupid crib and stupid bid
gucci mane is how i live
so icey is what i am but hes not who he say he is
think a minute
maybe i get money every single minute
even when im sleepin money climbin creepin makin interest
said she got a boyfriend
but he aint the kid tho
neck cold wrist cold
diamonds in my earlobe
dom p for breakfast
rose for lunch
cristal for dinner
appetizer, 30 blunts

6. 30 Inches Rmx
Girl please!
Chevy so high baby do you see the trees?
Crawlin down the block 30s slidin like skis
look so sweet gucci mane can roll weed
71 caprice taller than my hum vee
fine red bone, best friend back seat
and then we double datin make them both date me
30 inches, chains makin haters hate me
east Atlanta day everybody looking
flashback triple gold d’s 17s
chickens on the scene I was just 15
big car, big rims all mounting
on somethin clean,
somethin yall ain’t seen.

5. Time to Eat
The Porsche porcelain
the rims are gorgeous
the earth went skrrt
it got so many horses
an all-white chain same color yo forces
an ounce a what i smoke cost double your mortgage
so icey entertainment
ima explain it
see when we come in niggas tuck in they chain, and
– i lost my train of thought bitches callin me brainless
i cant buy a burger cuz im too fuckin famous
my whip on a donk, give my chevy a facelift
my 28 ashantis make it look like a spaceship
my rims look big like the lips on fantasia
my paint drips wet like activator
you playin with yaself you a masturbator
ya play with so icey i have to spray ya
dont waste all ya life bein a couch potato
after awhile crocodile see ya later, hater
its guc-ci

4. Hurry
Gucci got a warrant how da fuck I get subpoenaed?
objection whats the objection your honor I’m a genius
13 years old got my jordans in da cleaners
like lil scrappy rockin fila’s
in the club sho nuff like Tela (Gucci)
black and white chain in da libra like a zebra
this not your everday ordinary fuckin beemer
dis is no part of da seven dis a moss one cost a mean one got my top back for my grandma got my beater for aaliyah
its me and my money and my diamonds man we a trio
and no disrespect to ne-yo
but this gucci mane da sosa
and my albino testarossa
bout da color of the ocean
its gucci mane da flare
and my bank account is rollin is you rollin

3. First Day Out
im startin off my day with a blunt of purp
no pancakes just a cup of syrup
baking soda pot and a silver fork
you already know it’s time to go to work
i’m back off in the kitchen workin with a chicken
you get 63 grams for like 12 50
50 pounds of purp, 50 pounds of midget
as soon as it’s gone i sell another 60
my baby need some shoes, my auntie need a purse
summer comin real soon so i need a vert
i hop up out that van with that duffle bag
and if a nigga try me ima bust his ass
im countin up money in my living room
birds everywhere i call it the chicken room
pills in the cabinet, pounds in the den
attic full of good, basement full of benjamins
two ak-47s and a blow torch
couple junkies knockin hard on my front porch
a couple old schools in my backyard
if i dont know you ima serve you through my burglar bars
gucci back bitch, yeah im back bitch
did you miss me? or miss my raps bitch
this that new shit, that county jail shit
that seventh floor, rice street straight out of cell shit
you on my shit list, im on the forbes list
since im a rich nigga, i need a rich bitch
i got a sick wrist, it cost bout six bricks
im on that slick shit, that zone 6 shit

2. Frowney Face (1st verse)
they tried to wet me up, shot up my truck in east atlanta
wanna set me up because i tricked this nigga in savannah
they put some money on my head i had to move to alabama
started pumpin with my cousin mixin caine with arm & hammer
somebody bloodied my face badly my last visit to the slammer
but they put me in the hole because i beat him like a hammer
they shooter shot my nigga juice a couple times over by gresham
wish i went there just to help him, he pushed on so i respect him
the ?? the fortune and the fame deep in the game me and my gang
behind the rush to get my record they tried to murk me for my chain
put tear drops under my eye cuz sometimes i wish i could cry
but to lose my self respect my nigga i would rather die

1. Wonderful (1st verse)
red bezel on my jacob looking like a sliced tomato
fuck a hater i blow acres of jamaica in decatur
im so extraordinary while my bracelet so canary
choppers that my niggas carry probably scare the military
half your budget spent on luggage, spent your mortgage on a portrait
purple bud look like an orchid, cant afford it? watch me torch it
tell your shorty, gucci at her birthday party, cost a 40
this imported foreign flying saucer make me feel important
tell big booty gina from virginia if you ever see her
i remember last november and i can’t wait till the sequel
where’s my equal? i don’t see him, never met him, never meet him
if i meet him, i’ma greet him, beat him, eat him up and leave him

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  3. Was “Tall Rims” ’09? I think so, that verse is pretty dope. “Gorgeous” had a good opening verse, as did “Excuse Me” – “Sex in Crazy Places” is tight when he says “nudes on a cruise” or something like that. Wonderful definitely #1 though. Nice post.

  4. ‘tall rims’ was ’08. “gorgeous” was great, its probably the most gucci-sounding gucci track ever. was torn about whether to include it. i have some yet-to-be-articulated argument against it. there are a lot of great verses not included here. Verse off the jazze pha track from his album is a big one. I think the biggest though just slipped my mind at the end & it’s the “not a stain on me” remix:

    Paper major, major paper
    steppin like a drum major
    74 donk mounted up like a skyscraper
    iced out don, tongue out screamin ‘hi hater’
    Way the girls stick to me you could call me flypaper
    Trunk goin ham like the battle of the bands
    Twenty bands per pocket call it battle of the grands
    racks stacked on top of racks stacked on top of racks
    stupid sack im just anotha nigga with a pack
    pac man chain yellow diamonds aww mane
    ms piggy pocket with the papa smurf rang
    im gucci mane la flare but you can call me ching chiiing
    thats just my money ma-chine

  5. great list dudes, i think you covered most my favorites

    best part of ‘good money’ besides that yes your darlin part in verse 3 is that intro: “my top do a backflip / my rooms do a frontflip”

    dunno about lemonade. for some reason those verses never really stood out for me. it was more of a whole package type of thing. other non classical radric davis contenders:

    i’mma keep droppin verses hotter than the hottest summer
    eatin rappers like jeffrey dahmer
    dope color sinead o connor
    should i name another woman?
    rushin like president obama
    warner brought 2 extra commas
    all my shoes are ferragamo
    lightning ice, you hear the thunder
    even stevie wonder wonder
    why your baby mama call so much i had to change my number
    sarcasm! these bitches need a ride or i’d pass em
    i wouldn’t even give that bitch an orgasm
    miraculously my niggas stand beside and not in back of me (<—undercover, one of the dopest)
    so disrespect my faculty? how dare you have audacity
    the club packed to capacity
    i catch her automatically
    i spit these rhymes erratically, sporadically
    they ? (WHAT'S THAT LAST LINE, kills me)


    don't compare me to your ex man baby he a local joker
    i take you to six flags and drill you on the rollercoaster
    call your girlfriends over, we can have a sleepover
    buy your ass a jeep so i can fuck ya in ya range rover
    pictures in the nude on a cruise we gon make the news
    sex great, sex tape, ready for a youtube
    damn it turn me on when we do it in your mama's home
    father long gone but gucci be your daddy baby
    i can fly you anywhere we can sex in crazy places
    airports, train stations, going up the escalator
    at the dome on the 50, i'mma throw it you the center
    when you hike it i'm gon spike it girl don't act like you don't like it

    • At the end of the first verse on on “Gingerbread Man,” that last line is simply “fatality.” I rewind his second verse on that so damn often.

      Yo Slim Fast little bank roll
      my stacks getting way too fat
      No push ups, just cooks up
      I’m booked up, I don’t run laps

  6. another one that could have made it was ‘boi i got so many’
    redeemed that song entirely
    Dolla signs on my mind
    Got ya dime movin’ Ds
    Waffa five, extra Gs, taking 9 out the keys
    Jewelery gang,
    Busta rhyme
    I ain’t lyin
    I’m a shine
    I’m a grind
    ‘Till it’s time
    To resign
    Extra lamb like a gyro
    Wrap ’em like a egg roll
    Beat up out the taco
    Feed ’em to the octos
    Fully fully auto
    Shawty bout that good plate
    Fuck around next they be sleepin with a sting ray
    Jump ribbon ribbon finga feeds ya to the lizard
    Nigga chop you up like chicken liver
    Chop ya dick off feed it to ya
    Gucci Mane so icy nigga
    Don’t that sound familiar like
    Wish ya would fly cause fuck around around with choppas (so icy)

  7. Yeah so I’m gonna edit to change “Lemonade” to “Gingerbread Man”‘s 1st verse, you’re right that shit is way better & Lemonade is definitely not his most lyrical moment.

  8. I’m pretty that Weird goes “bricks color Mariah Carey, if Nick Cannon ask about it, tell him that Big Gucci said it” but he does use a bricks/color analogy to end the verse and prints makes more sense with the car talk I guess. The Nick Cannon part is definitely right though.

  9. I’ve decided to change #25 to something actually from ’09. So here is our original #25, “Easy”

    Easy (technically ‘08, but the very end of it)
    Got dammit its a miracle,
    please adjust the temperature i switched up the interior in my european vehicle
    damn gucci lyrical!
    naw, i aint lyrical but my bracelet is crazy but my necklace is hysterical
    blacker than nigeria with brand new material
    count a quarter million while im pourin a bowl of cereal
    fresher than you ever were, richer than a year ago
    and three dollars a skittle but its 800 a cheerio
    i was ??? same color as a prune yellow chain look like the moon and my old school is maroon
    hear it err err when it skrrt
    26s down the skrts
    in a vert with a flirt
    you can chirp, i got twerk
    i keep work, in my ‘burbs
    i got bird, i got bricks, i got pounds of that herb,
    used to be my favorite word, now my ice game is superb,
    so you hoes be just like burr! burr!

  10. I don’t see what all the fuss is about re “first day out” either. I’m not pushing for “Gorgeous” but I will say I think swag carries the lax flow in that song better, also in “Trick’n off.” just sayin.

  11. Thanks to somanyshrimp I’ve become such a Gucci booster that I wrote a letter to the student paper where I go to law school differing with a columnist’s in-passing characterization of Gucci’s rapping as lazy in the context of some dumb column about the “B+ lifestyle.” somanyshrimp, educating the young caucasian grad student seeds.

  12. Thanks for taking the time to post this…and thank you for carrying the Gucci flag, so to speak. In the past few months I went from having not heard of him, to having @ 20 of his mixtapes in constant rotation. +1 to what Tray said.

  13. The last line of “Boi I got so many” is:

    Gucci Mane so icey nigga
    Don’t that sound familar to ya?
    Frenchie, Wooh, & Flocka nigga ridin around with choppas

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