Madvillainy = Boring, overrated shit

Greetings, bitches. You’ll have to pardon my “honesty,” but I work the 10pm-6am shift at a White Assholes, which basically means that I start getting fucked up around the same time that most people are actually just beginning their workday. I took a lunchtime excursion to a Jack in the Box today, and let’s just say it was a lot more interesting than it should’ve been. I’m usually asleep right now, but your boy David invited me to contribute to this here Shrimp blog, so I figured I should probably write something just to make it, you know, official.

Anyhoo, the point of this post is this: I tried for months to get into this shit, but eventually I just gave up. Back when I was in college, I never would’ve guessed that MF Doom would begin to put out music that I could pretty much just shrug my shouders about. But what can I say? I was young then. That was like, several months ago. I was already aware that Madlib has a tendency to put out all kinds of random garbage, and had always assumed that, if it weren’t for Peanut Butter Wolf, or whomever is in charge of keeping ‘Lib in check, he would’ve, by this point, been putting out recordings of himself taking shits onto various kinds of surfaces and calling it something stupid like, New Excursions into Yesterday’s Jazz.

But Zev Luv X, or Danny, or whatever he prefers to be called had a pretty solid track record up until just recently. I thought even obviously tossed-off mess like the King Geedorah album was pretty effing brilliant. But between this and whatever that second Viktor Vaughan album was called, dude is in serious danger of slipping into Kool Keith status; where I don’t even bother to dl his shit when it comes out, let alone buy it. Don’t get me wrong, MM Food will probably be pretty solid whenever it comes out, but will it be on the same level as Operation: Doomsday? I doubt it. I don’t know about the rest of you, but 2004 is looking like it will go down for me personally as The Year in Which I Was Disappointed by Sooooo Many Fucking Rap Albums.

Por ejemplo, peep my review of Mos Def’s new back-alley abortion of an album, The New Danger.

As far as this one in particular is concerned, I won’t go into any real detail because I haven’t heard it in a while and I need to sleep, but, basically, I thought it was really boring shit and while I mainly blame Pot Smoker, Comic Book Boy has got to shoulder some of the blame as well. I don’t think either one of them brought their A games to this project. I think they just suspected (and they were right) that people would be so hyped about the idea of two cats who are such heavies in the rap underground that they wouldn’t be too critical about the actual results. Obviously, neither of them are readers of The Infamous and Lamentable BC dot C.

Thanks, David, and peace to all of the other cats who write for this site. I look forward to coming up with all kinds of new, interesting shit with you guys going forward. No homo, of course.

9 responses to “Madvillainy = Boring, overrated shit

  1. Psshh man Kweli is awful and I’m sure yr right about Mos but this Madvillainy shit is great and you clearly are a fun hater.

  2. mayne hold up

    I’m hardly a madlib fan but what a bunch of bullshit. madvillian is hot and you’re talking out your asshole wihtt his shit. I might be a little drunk right now but fuck that shit. How you goinh to hate on this shit. Doom brings the clever ass lines with this shit and references a bunch of cutesy shit. Madlib steps up the production to relate to the rapping so much more than his previous efforts.

    ok fuck this, I’m too loaded to make since but fuck that shit doom was killing shit with viktor vaugh

    I’ll give you VV2 as being suckier but mayne hold up


  3. who is this new “nobhead” byron? I hate people like this, can yo ass rap or do beats? No? Alright then shut the fuck up.

  4. madvillain is practically instant classic.

    madlib is a hack producer for the most part (800% loops, makes him more of a pirate with a good eye for Xs on maps) but he has a good ear and doom is consistent throughout. can you front on ‘figaro’? doom kills it and you know it.

    i rap and i make beats. does MY opinion count?

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