Fuck U! Pay Me!

I got this Tum Tum cd in the mail a couple weeks back, threw it in the work truck and have been listening to it pretty nonstop. Tum Tum, who also goes by O-Tumma Tumladin (my personal favorite tumtum name) or Tum Zilla, is from Dallas and a member of DSR (dirty south riders). It’s a crew that started out with Big Tuck (old post), Fat Bastard, Double T, Lil Ronnie and Addiction. They have since grown and if you don’t know about them you’ll probably start hearing about them. Big Tuck’s album, Absolute Truth, is going to be dropping march 28th some time in June. The entire DSR camp got signed to Universal and if shit works out for them then they will probably be the first crew out of Dallas to really blow. Dallas is kind of a strange place, there has been good music coming out of North Texas (someone needs to get me an old SkwoodX tape) but it never seems to get the recognition that Houston does. I think what I like about DSR the most is that they are a little more confrontational that your standard Texas rappers. They like to rap about fighting and getting buck. Not to say they don’t rap about cars and ballin but they like to tell you that you are a hoe and/or bitch and I approve of this.

Whoop Ur Ass ft TBG’z
This song represents Tum Tums personal battle with depression and his new found self worth. I don’t know who the second to last dude is but he accuses you of being a pussy like that franchize group so take that snap music.

Get Ur Paper Up
There is a moment in this song where Tum Tum says this line about about how you can’t do it like him and then follows that with a punch in of him yelling “OOOHHH!” It’s like that Chappelle skit with that one dude freestyling in the barbershop thinking he’s ripping it. I think I like that moment in the song more than Tum Tum telling people to quit fucking boo hooing and get their paper up.

t-town music

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