Where My Team At?

Ok so this album dropped last year, I think November but I’m not sure. After jamming some of their mp3’s on the regular I’ve been meaning to pick it up for a while now. Last weekend I finally swooped this shit up and it’s been rocking my headphones all weak. If you don’t know The Team is from the bay area. The group consists of Kaz Kyzah, Clyde Carson, and Mayne Mannish. Homeboys are rapping about scrapers, the city hats, gas brake dippin, being all fitted out in some fucking A’s gear and mobbin to clubs on some town shit.

On the track All For The Team they rap about how they got started. Now what is cute is that they call out a bunch of bay area rappers but the first is Action Packed Gangsters (APG). APG is some early 90’s bay shit and according to the song Red from APG was Clyde Carlson’s cousin and got him started rapping when he was like 9 years old. Now I’m not sure who Red was because there was an MC Red and a DJ Red Slice. The two of them were “The Red Connection” which was this subgroup within APG. Oh and peep this, I just found out my damn girlfriend use to date DJ Red Slice back in the day. After high school Clyde hooked up with Chilee Powdah who was actually down with No Limit back in 89 when Master P was still in the bay. I never really paid much attention to Chilee Powdah until he moved to Arizona and then I was pretty muched forced too. I’m not really a fan of his shit but whatever dude at least puts it down for his and is putting on some Arizona rappers so I respect him for that. Apprently Clyde spent sometime in New York where as he says in the song updated his style and then came back to the bay with a new plan. Out of the three guys in the Team he does sound the most eastcoast but he still has that east bay style. Clyde seems to be the most experienced of the three rappers. Mayne Mannish raps about how shit didn’t jump off till he hooked up with Clyde.

Like some of the other emerging bay area artists The Team seems to be a bunch of young dudes who were kind of breed and nurtured by some of the bay’s older artists. Now these guys are all putting out music but with the knowledge and guidance from older artists being the watchful eye to make sure they got their shit right. The Team is on Moe Doe which is Keak Da Sneak’s label.

There is this track called I’m On One that is champed out but what annoys me about the song is the chorus because they chant “I’m in the scraper sitting on the wheels, nigga I’m one one, Five Fifty Barneveld, nigga I’m on one….” The reason this shit bothers me is because 550 Barneveld is this club, Space550, out in the Bayview and the club fucking sucks. This is the type of club that has mixers that only have fucking knobs on them. The goddamn ravetron3000xlm mixer. If you don’t believe me go look for yourself, the ravetron3000 is in the upper level danceroom. It’s a big space and they get some cool events but its mostly shit music and the club itself is so fucking lame. It looks like it was designed for a scene in back 2 the future II. I fucking hate going there because the risk of being around a bunch of cheesy trance listening motherfuckers is too high. Oh and another part of the song they shout out Mission Rock which isn’t as bad as 550 but the bullshit top 40 hiphop shit tends to attract more retards than anything. Also if you’re looking for some Filipinos then mission rock is for you, they straight represent like a motherfucker up in that bitch.

Majority of the album sounds like that whole “the bay is back” sound that has been jumping off lately. Overall I think the album is dope. I’m glad I picked it up, but there are a few tracks that get too feminine for me. I really have no desire to hear love songs because they all sound like shit. The album closes with the song The Cycle which the most sincere track on the album and it actually sounds kind of out of place compared to the rest but it’s works well as the last song. The Team drops knowledge by telling some stories about getting caught up in the trap and repeating the same old bullshit over and over.

All For The Team
I’m On One
Moe Doe feat Keak Da Sneak
It’s Getting Hot

4 responses to “Where My Team At?

  1. serg you be killing me w/that bay ish.. those descriptions are so crispy.

    LOL @ hella filipinos up in that piece.

    (dame n atl..)

  2. Gettin Hot is that daaaaamnn.

    & My boy Ise is spitting that treal at the backend of The Cycle. Actually, he’s not my boy at all, he didn’t like me & I didn’t like him but we used ta rock poetry sh*t tagether. Biggups ta young Isaac.

    Cavebaby. Oi!! Oi!! Oi!!!

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