Instrumental Music for Saps like Me.


So, the past few weeks I’ve been too busy ruining shit with this girl I really really like to post anything worthwhile. I apologize for that… not that anyone REALLY cares. But, now that this whole girl nonsense has run its course and reached its logical conclusion (i.e. not a Hollywood ending), I’m back to trying to keep myself busy and remembering what my life was like before it was focused on her. Anyway, so here’s some sappy instrumental music that I’ve been working on. Hope you likey.

But click this thumbnail real quick and check out my T-shirt first. Shit is hot.

Next one in the works is (for obvious reasons): I guess a twinkle in her eye is just a twinkle in her eye.

“You Can’t Hold What Doesn’t Want To Be Held” by emynd

“A Nameless Dread” by emynd

(I like how I don’t post here for months at a time, then when I come back, the first thing I post is some “me” shit. I’m a selfish fucko.)


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