Hiss & Raps

man I love tapes as it is but those dusty memphis joints are just tight, they never had great sound to begin with but like shitty grapes, they age into a fine wine, but unlike wine they aren’t fucking bitchmade. A lot of janky horror themes and lyrics laced with that wonderful hiss. Dirty raps and bass tapes man, shit just takes me back to being 14, stealing tapes from the warehouse and sitting in between my speakers reading rappages and blasting shit in my room on my piece of shit sony stereo that was older than I was.

Tapes had character, they had stories. they aged with you, I remember what tapes I took apart, lost, melted, dubbed over multiple times from those 99 cent maxwells to the fancy TDK’s to the scotch tapes that came as a prize in a bag of fucking Purina. Shoe boxes under my bed with stories laced under all that hiss from just getting the shit beat out of it by whatever the fuck garbage ass stereo I was using.

Oh yeah and I should state that none of these youtubes are my tapes, I don’t upload shit. I should but I don’t, they are just some joints I found while wasting some time on there tonight.

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