But You Don’t Hear Me Tho!!!

This is Rodney O and Joe Cooley‘s 1993 album titled Fuck New York. The duo was primarily known for their song Everlasting Bass and while Fuck New York may not be one of their biggest hits or even that great an album I fucking love this record. In 1993 I had to get my dad to come with me to buy the tape because the dipshit at the recordstore refused to sell me the tape without parental approval. Thankfully my pops didn’t give a shit what I listened to and rolled with. I’ve played this tape so many fucking times that I still have most of it memorized. I don’t know about other areas but the lead single off the album “You Don’t Hear Me Tho” was in constant rotation on Phoenix radio. Other notable tracks were “Humps For the Boulevard,” “Chase The Bass,” and “Sounds Of The Underground.” One of my favorite things about this album is just how much shit they talk about New York, this was also around the time Ice Cube began his anti new york stance because NYC radio wouldn’t play their shit. Rodney and Joe also talk some shit on MC Hammer, KRS-One and others. Now that I think of it them hating on Krs was quite a foreshadowing of what I would come to do 11 years later. But whatever, just download the goddamn mp3.

Rodney O & Joe Cooley – U Don’t Hear Me Tho’ (removed)

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