The "Eat A Dicc" Saga

I think I started lurking around the forums sometime around the time Suge got out of prison. I’d heard that Daz Dillinger was basically using the board as his livejournal, sharing with his fans on “Gangstaville” all of the news in his life, his thoughts on Suge, his upcoming projects, etc. Dude didn’t hold back in the least bit. He asked the members of the message board for advice when he considered joining the army after 9/11. Plus he had a tendency, like the blind dude off In Living Color to record one-off, internet-only, diss songs about whoever or whatever was bothering him at the time. If people talked shit, saying anything positive about Tha Row, for instance, he’d ban them from the board. DPG also-rans like Soopafly and Fredwreck would post on there too from time to time.

The thing about West Coast rap beef, like we’ve learned tragically and repeatedly, is that there’s hardly ever such thing as a Fourth Wall. Indeed, the actual “rap” part of the beef tends to take a backseat to their material street reality. Like, what do you think the ratio is for the number of people who can name a Yukmouth song (that’s not “I Got 5 On It”) to the number of people who can name rappers Yukmouth’s feuded with? 1:10 is probably way too generous to Yuk’s career. What about the number of people who’ve actually heard a Spyder Loc song to the number who’ve seen a picture of Spyder showing off Yuk’s Regime Life chain? 1:50? Likewise, fans on “Gangstaville” would egg Daz on, in case he missed this or that Suge interview, and he’d come on and type (in ALL CAPS, of course) more threats and promises about what’s going to happen when he next sees Suge and so forth.

And the realer it got, the more gross I felt for reading. Gross like when you clicked on the link to that ten second clip of Eve and Stevie J; it saying way more about me and the other readers at Gangstaville (except they could at least claim with a straight face to be more than incidental fans of Daz’s music) than about Daz. This shit was far beyond music and way none of my business.

Then Kurupt went missing. He had gone to a meeting with Suge and none of his homies had heard a word since. He was a poor baby fallen into a well and his parents (or his homies) were on television (or Gangstaville) crying their hearts out, praying and wishing that he’d return safely. Daz, Soopafly and others were obviously shaken. Gangstaville was a line of communication to the people who they perceived to have kidnapped (or… oh god… worse) their homie. They threatened vengeance. They told him to keep his head up. You got even more of a sense of Suge Knight sinisterness from their response, it wasn’t just that they wouldn’t put such an obvious and high-profile crime past a recently released Suge, but it was their first suspicion. The message board buzzed with messages of hope, audio messages recorded by DPG members for Kurupt were posted up at and, you can imagine, the DPG prepared for war. But word began to leak that Suge actually hadn’t killed or kidnapped Kurupt. He had instead given him a record deal and an executive position at Tha Row. Daz was incredulous. He was like “not my homie… I just have to talk to him and see if he’s okay.” The implication was that Kurupt might have only signed such an agreement under duress.

Daz and Kurupt had been particularly close, Daz even has a kid or two with Kurupt’s sister. Still, as the truth settled in, Daz, heartbroken and disillusioned, weighed his options. He again considered joining the army. Meanwhile, Kurupt supposedly just stood there while Suge’s goons slapped up Bad Azz at some night club. Evetually, anyone familiar with Daz’s m.o. knew that a Kurupt diss song was on the horizon.

Daz Dillinger – Eat A Dicc Ric

And so came “Eat A Dicc Ricc,” which aside from being about Kurupt (née Ricardo Brown) is very typical of Daz’s oeuvre. He doesn’t so much ride beats as he plows through them. And he doesn’t so much as toss witty barbs in his diss songs as much as he bombards accented epithets. Check : Eat a dick buck, Ric/ Swallow this, you bitch/ You knowing that you a ho, by the way you switch. It’s a five minute song but the only verse ends about a minute in. The rest is chorus, offensive banter directed at Kurupt (“Your sister Angie got some good …”), shoutouts to Gangstaville, plugs for albums that never came out, and scattershot “fuck yous” to Kurupt’s family, Jayo Felony, Boo Yaa Tribe, Eastwood, some distributors, Genesis P-Orridge, Murray Bookchin, Crystal Waters, and whoever the fuck else.

It took a while, but Kurupt eventually responded in the bonus track to last year’s Originals. The song, incredibly, was also called “Eat a Dicc” (Is that the only insult these guys know?).

Kurupt – Eat A Dicc (Fuck Daz)

It starts: Daz, eat a dick shut the fuck up / Now ain’t this a bitch / He won’t shut the fuck up. He basically tells his side, that it was never about betrayal, just about getting his family and career straight. Some other rappers I don’t recognize (maybe Eastwood and Kurupt’s brother?) get in on Daz on here too. The song’s eight minutes long, much of the time is spent by Kurupt going off in a poorly executed freestyle where he rhymed “muthafucka” with itself a half dozen times. His rap, as always, is better than Daz’s but his song doesn’t hit nearly as hard.

Winner: Daz

Epilogue: A few months ago Daz and Kurupt reunited (and it feels so “Eh”). And they’re apparently recording another DPG album together. Mobbin niggas if they ever try to bring up the past/ unless they talking ’bout ’95 Kurupt and Daz. It looks promising. Here’s a video of some of the recording sessions from

Kurupt and Daz Reunite (110 MB)

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