8 responses to “Moments in Love with Gucci

  1. You spend one night with me baby, I bet you won’t wanna leave
    fresh champagne and roses, and marijuana trees
    got a crib, it’s so big girl, it’s a sight to see
    spend one night with me, bet you won’t wanna leave
    I’m Gucci Mane LaFlare, I’m so far from these wannabes
    right now I’m so far away from you, know I don’t wannabe [mwah!]
    from the time I kick it with you, I don’t wanna leave
    I’m damn near missed my flight, ’cause, I don’t wanna leave!
    she laying in her minis, whispering so soft to me
    what she say to me? “I don’t wanna leave”
    Damn she don’t wanna leave, and I don’t wanna leave
    say her pussy’s so good, that, I don’t wanna leave
    [it’s Gucci!]

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