Betcha Can’t Do It like We Do It in The D

This past weekend I finally got Trix Mixx 3 in the mail (off equalizer’s myspace) and this shit is banging. It’s a cumbia mix with some rap joints sprinkled through out. I’m kind of riding for this shit hard right now, twenty years ago I would never have fucked with cumbia, that was some ranchero shit that my drunk uncles would jam while they hated on me listening to rap but lately I ain’t mad at it, especially when you put some Big Tuck on it. My mom might even like this shti. Anyways the Krunk Krew dudes are from Dallas and go hard for the cumbia/hiphop shit. One of the dudes in the crew, Dj Panik has a record out on Bersa Disco so peep game. The later part of the mix goes hella hard on the cumbia. Considering how many latinos there are in texas I’m not surprised to hear this stuff, but I’m curious if there are any s&c’ed cumbia mixes. This sound is kind of infiltrating the rest of the country within the last year but who knows what the possibilities are for it. I’m just glad that it’s not reaggeton. Anyways here’s a couple of joints to peep off the mix

Betcha Can’t Do it

Tussle Cumbia

Muevete Negra RMX – Aniceto Molina

Get Mexican!

3 responses to “Betcha Can’t Do It like We Do It in The D

  1. Yo Serg, this aint really going well with what i got in my two cups right now, but i think it will sound more appealing when im on anotha level. No doubt it’ll get the mamis movin the right way too though.

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