Some Dallas shit, around the 3:30 mark it kind of loses it with the singing but man I’ve been feeling a lot of these A.Dd+ dudes’ stuff lately.  That beat slaps, I mean it’s hard too lose when you rock that static bass over yeah ho chants. Some North Texas rap delivery that keeps it up to speed with a little distortion in the vocals popping up once in a while to keep it moving to the next. Also rap beats with sirens are always a good look for aggressive fast raps. If you’ve got the chance to see these dudes live I’d recommend checking, saw them in Austin and it was a dope live show.  But yeah click that shit above if you want to download more of their stuff or just go to divehiflylo

Trai’D’s X-Pill

man — this beat is on some pretty x’d out shit. Trai’D pulls this off on some obviously-not-grown-man sex talk — “I’m too young to be doin what i do!” is the most honest thing in this song. His raps are like if you take the ‘pimp’ from Pimp C & reincarnate him as a dude who’s barely past 20. but he is also a likable rapper & the whole serotonin-boost-cloud the song floats by on is just sensually perfect.

the video is also beautifully shot.

the song is refreshingly autotune-free.

Don’t need a drank I’m eatin Frosted Flakes

Trap Squad Cartel – “Pop Tags”

Trap Squad Cartel are from Dallas. They are called Trap Squad Cartel and they have a song called “Pop Tags” and another called either “Icey” or “So Icey”, which you can request at your local radio station. Their mixtape is called On My Grind Vol. 1. The whole thing should be the most generic rap exercise in the universe, yet “Pop Tags” is, uh… completely bewildering and the most exact opposite of tedious.

Basically, I think dudes infiltrated my brain cells since four of the five verses on here are from guys that sound like Lil Boosie, Fabo + AutoTune (yes), Gorilla Zoe + Autotune and Gorilla Zoe again. Then on top of it someone cooked up this fucked up beat of Mannie Fresh snare rolls, Trill Ent synth blasts and keyboard drip-drops and this dagger of a sample that sounds like a millisecond snip of the “Still Tippin” violins. The chorus — I POP/ THEM TAGS/ SO THEY JOCK/ MY SWAG — is straight rap-libs shit but it ends up scraping the anthemsphere last entered by “Pop Champagne”.

Then as if it couldn’t get any better, the Gorilla Zoe dude tries to one-up “Wipe Me Down”:

He fails of course, but only barely.

Betcha Can’t Do It like We Do It in The D

This past weekend I finally got Trix Mixx 3 in the mail (off equalizer’s myspace) and this shit is banging. It’s a cumbia mix with some rap joints sprinkled through out. I’m kind of riding for this shit hard right now, twenty years ago I would never have fucked with cumbia, that was some ranchero shit that my drunk uncles would jam while they hated on me listening to rap but lately I ain’t mad at it, especially when you put some Big Tuck on it. My mom might even like this shti. Anyways the Krunk Krew dudes are from Dallas and go hard for the cumbia/hiphop shit. One of the dudes in the crew, Dj Panik has a record out on Bersa Disco so peep game. The later part of the mix goes hella hard on the cumbia. Considering how many latinos there are in texas I’m not surprised to hear this stuff, but I’m curious if there are any s&c’ed cumbia mixes. This sound is kind of infiltrating the rest of the country within the last year but who knows what the possibilities are for it. I’m just glad that it’s not reaggeton. Anyways here’s a couple of joints to peep off the mix

Betcha Can’t Do it

Tussle Cumbia

Muevete Negra RMX – Aniceto Molina

Get Mexican!

Take it to the Streets Vol 2

Straight out of Oakcliff, these dudes rep hard. Can’t find much info on them, these boys arent really big on the whole myspace scene but here is Lil Richards link, tell him to post some more shit. Heres the tracklist and a couple tracks to check out.

1. Chuckin Up Da Cliff 4:15
2. Get Em Lil O 3:15
3. Take A Ride Thru The Cliff 3:18
4. Hustlers Grinders ft. Young Tay 4:55
5. Bumpin Hard To The Beat ft. S.M.C 4:49
6. Pass It Down ft. Fat Bastard 3:10
7. On The Grind ft. Young Tay 4:01
8. 5-0 My Click 3:35
9. Im Gettin Paid Now 2:01
10. Double Stacks 2:14
11. Drop Low ft. Frozone 3:46
12. Bitch Move 3:36
13. Cant Do What I Do 2:45
14. Head Busters 3:56
15. Find Me In The O-A-K-C-L-I-F-F 2:14
16. Heavy Weight ft. Young Tay 3:35
17. Front Back ft. Young Tay 2:19
18. So Fresh So Fly And So Clean ft. Frozone 4:33