We Gone Eat These Little Fools Like Ciabatta Bread

Man, one of the best things I saw at SXSW this year was Basswood Lane at the Compound. I didn’t catch them at the What It Dew Family show due to Federation destroying my mind and body but man that’s not the point. The thing that is probably the best about Basswood Lane are their hooks, shit is genius. From So Pretty In The ATX to You Can Get Your Bitch Ass Jumped to Do The Bryan (got to rep my hometown). These dudes are from Austin and down with Carnival Beats so if you ain’t knowin get up on it. The latest from them though is motherfucking Ciabatta Bread.

Basswood Lane – Ciabatta Bread

That song just made my fucking year. They were in between sets and Ice B says some shit like “man we on that ciabatta bread.” It’s at this point that I thought damn thats some hilarious local slang, I need to get up on that shit. THEN I heard the fucking song and that shit was brilliant, but man the shit doesn’t stop there. Then some dude in the fucking crowd started doing this ciabatta bread dance were he unravels an imaginary sandwich and proceeds to bite the fuck out of it. It’s almost on some snap dance type moves but way fucking better.

For the rest of SXSW I took every opportunity available to yell ciabatta bread at anyone willing to listen. For reals this shit is epic for me. To top shit off the homie Mike D brought me some goddamn ciabatta bread from the 4 Seasons. Fuck that Jack In The Box shit, I’m on that ciabatta bread for reals.

big shout to Mattsoreal for hooking up the mp3, homie came through in the clutch for me.

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