Some Dallas shit, around the 3:30 mark it kind of loses it with the singing but man I’ve been feeling a lot of these A.Dd+ dudes’ stuff lately.  That beat slaps, I mean it’s hard too lose when you rock that static bass over yeah ho chants. Some North Texas rap delivery that keeps it up to speed with a little distortion in the vocals popping up once in a while to keep it moving to the next. Also rap beats with sirens are always a good look for aggressive fast raps. If you’ve got the chance to see these dudes live I’d recommend checking, saw them in Austin and it was a dope live show.  But yeah click that shit above if you want to download more of their stuff or just go to divehiflylo

Bun B Got Laced with a Half Ass Primo Beat

I understand everyone wants to rap on a primo beat but this one should have been left for some benchwarmers. Bun doesn’t exactly blow your mind on the track either but I think the beat is the most lackluster thing going down on this track. The best part are the cuts just because it’s nice to hear Pimp’s voice again. Eh, whatever I’m sure this will be a hit with the euros.

Just realized Noz had some extensive ramblings on the matter that you should read here. I don’t have the energy to break it down like he does but yeah I fully agree with his statement and if you’re on youtube telling people this shit is awesome you’re lying to yourself, but every youtube commenter does that anyways.

DJ Eleven’s Devin The Dude mix


Download:  DJ Eleven Presents:  Eleven & The Dude Mix (tracked ver. w/ artwork)

DJ Eleven (hit the link for the tracklist, as well):

Just before the first of the year, I sat down & started going through everything he’s ever been on to unearth all my personal favorites.  While doing that, in addition to wishing I smoked weed, I got to thinking on how similar Devin was to another Dude character.  Months later, the unholy combination of Devin Copeland + Jeffrey Lebowski + Joe Eleven emerged from the laboratory.   And with that…

(Get the mix as a single mp3 here)

Suckas Come To War; Why? To Die!

88 rap-a-lot shit, Noz posted up the I Got 20 track a few months back. Shit I think it was around that time that I picked this record at Friends Of Sound. Anyways my favorite cut on the record is, Get From In Fronna Me. Royal Flush was another one of those groups that just kind of got lost in the Rap-A-Lot shuffle, they released 976-Dope in 91 but that was the extent. Instead rapalot decided to do bullshit like developing Choice’s artistic vision. Someone needs to tell them to just bootleg their whole back catalog, fuck a sample clearance. Hell I’m sure somewhere someone’s sitting on boxes of promos, ebay that shit. Ok so the point is I like this track

Get From In Fronna Me

electro stabs with some fast raps are one of the easiest ways to win me over. Yeah there are some suspect lines with the whole hickory dickory dock bit or the fu fu fu flamboyant shit, but the rest makes up for those corny moments.

Rulin, Schoolin & Coolin
There is so much shit going on in this beat, random cuts just drop in. It’s kind of a mess but there is something beautiful about it. I guess it’s more of just that cut & paste simplicity that dudes were using to just make beats. It was 88 in houston, no real guidelines just bang it out and rap on the best shit you got.

full album

And the Academy Award for best cinematography goes to…

D-town Gorillaz (anthem)

Found this shit when I was trying to do some research on Lil Richard and Otu. This song is actually pretty dope. The video reminds me of the old Dre Dog videos he did back in like 95 with a VHS camcorder except this was done probably last year. Their is some great use of special effects with the green screen and the camerman wisely uses the automatic focus feature to constantly give the viewer the the experience of blurred vision. I was thoroughly impressed with the Mise-en-scene of the video, it gave me great insight into the world of hanging out with ho’s, using them to set up robberies and rapping in parking lots and for that, this video gets my vote.

Take it to the Streets Vol 2

Straight out of Oakcliff, these dudes rep hard. Can’t find much info on them, these boys arent really big on the whole myspace scene but here is Lil Richards link, tell him to post some more shit. Heres the tracklist and a couple tracks to check out.

1. Chuckin Up Da Cliff 4:15
2. Get Em Lil O 3:15
3. Take A Ride Thru The Cliff 3:18
4. Hustlers Grinders ft. Young Tay 4:55
5. Bumpin Hard To The Beat ft. S.M.C 4:49
6. Pass It Down ft. Fat Bastard 3:10
7. On The Grind ft. Young Tay 4:01
8. 5-0 My Click 3:35
9. Im Gettin Paid Now 2:01
10. Double Stacks 2:14
11. Drop Low ft. Frozone 3:46
12. Bitch Move 3:36
13. Cant Do What I Do 2:45
14. Head Busters 3:56
15. Find Me In The O-A-K-C-L-I-F-F 2:14
16. Heavy Weight ft. Young Tay 3:35
17. Front Back ft. Young Tay 2:19
18. So Fresh So Fly And So Clean ft. Frozone 4:33

Some Rap Songs

First up a couple of joints off that new Boss Hogg Outlawz album, Serve & Collect 2. Only a couple of tracks that I got to skip over. Ray J singing on a track is never a good look. The joint with Lil Keke is underwhelming, it just sounds like it never really came together for a complete sound. Other than that though there are some bangers. All of the BHO members are bringing it. A lot of dramatic beats and street lyrics.

Boss Hogg Outlawz – Serve & Collect
BHO posse cut, Slim playing conductor via the nextel chirp. The whole roster comes through to drop some lines. real simple but so dope. I would say this is my favorite joint on the record. Give me a Kyleon solo already man, dude is a beast.

Boss Hogg Outlawz – Wet Paint Drippin’ What
Yeah raps about paint, cars and flossin. You know what you’re getting into with this, just dope shit to ride too.

I really want to post up this track off the new Young Jeezy, the shit is easily my favorite joint off that record. It’s not a beat I would expect him to chose but man this shit sounds so fucking good. You can’t really go wrong with those horns either. I don’t really give a fuck about what people think about jeezy I like the dude. He knows how to make songs that make you feel like you can take over the fucking world.

Young Jeezy – Circulate
Young Jeezy – My President ft Nas
I was blasting this one out of my boombox at the park on Sunday because really anyone even thinking about McCain is in fucking denial of the future. Our president is black, you motherfuckers just need to catch up with the future. November is just a formality, Obama is gonna run this motherfucker.