Blood Money

So Mobb Deep is back again but this time they tell us they really are back. I don’t know about you but back in 99 when I saw them in that shitty Hype Williams video pouring out bottles of crystal and rapping on fucking yachts I thought it was over. Sure “Quitestorm” had me holding on just a little longer but that shit wasn’t enough to get me to believe in the bullshit that was Infamy. Whatever though, now we have all this bullshit talk about how Mobb is going to bring it by signing to 50cent’s marketing empire. That’s a bunch of motherfucking bullshit. A couple of dope beats sprinkled in but dudes need to get their heads out of their ass. No one listens to Mobb Deep to hear soft ass songs about them trying to rub up on a miniskirt. They should have given songs like “Backstage Pass” and “Give It To Me” to some of the Gunit benchwarmers because it’s a fucking waste of rap. They need to leave that shit for LL and do what they do best, not half ass their style so they can rap with idiot R&B singers. Am I the only one who thinks Nate Dog fucking sucks? Who the fuck produced Creeping? That beat is retarded as fuck. Just because 12 year olds who day dream about buying stilettos think shitty sex songs are cute doesn’t mean Mobb Deep needs to fuck what little integrity Jay-z left them.

Also Mobb needs to learn that just because Fifty is their new daddy that they do not have to agree to rap with all his shitty friends. If it wasn’t for a tracklisting I wouldn’t even have noticed the Al Gore of rap, Lloyd Banks, was on a fucking track. Dude has the charisma of a sandbag. The worst collab on this shit is with garbage ass Tony Yayo who blesses the track with his genius raps, “My connect is a Cuban named Flaco, with my aim you a human taco.” Man that shit makes me feel embarrassed for rap music. If they had kicked that amateur off the track then it might have actually be dope.

The album does have a few moments even if they are laced with obviously 50 inspired hooks. The beat for “Put’em In Their Place” is fucking dope but it doesn’t really fit their style and they end up fading into the background. Loud bass driven beats do not sit well with that lazy Queensbridge delivery but whatever I’ll still jam it for the beat. “Speaking So Freely” is dope, no idiot themes or shitty guests just slow and dark like it should be. “Pearly Gates” and “Daydreamin” are cool too. But really all these songs suck compared classic Mobb Deep. This is the shit that I’m just scrapping up off the bottom so that I don’t feel like this album is a total waste but I didn’t pay for this shit so fuck this record. If you want some dark beats and sleepy QB delivery go listen to The Infamous and Hell on Earth because this Gunit shit is fucking boring and I don’t want to type any more bullshit about this weak shit.

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