kindergarten rap battle

Alphabet Aerobics vs. Alphabetical Slaughter

Gift of Gab: “Aerobics”
Papoose: “Slaughter”
Edge: Papoose

Gift of Gab: released 1999
Papoose: released 2004
Edge: Gift of Gab

Chief Xcel: Not annoying
KaySlay: Goes without saying
Edge: Chief Xcel

Gift of Gab: “Xerox, my X-ray-diation holes extra large
X-height letters, and xylophone tones”
Papoose: “X-rated, ex-African, X-Man
Ex-leaders, X-Clarence, X Malcolm, X-Clan”
Edge: Papoose. Although “xylophone tones” is a good KMD ref (unintentional or not), we have to give it up to X Clan, RIP Professor X.

Gift of Gab: Gift of Gab
Papoose: Papoose
Edge: Draw, both of those rapper names are shitty.

Winner: Blackalicious, for doing it first and because A2G is pretty good, but both of these tracks are pretty shitty even by ‘concept rap’ standards. Listen to the new People Under the Stairs instead. Then read Noz’s interview with Boots Riley.

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