I’m A Motherfucking Asshole

Trae ft S.L.A.B. – I’m An Asshole

This joint pretty much sums up Trae’s whole attitude towards you and the shit ass music industry. Fuck taking shit from anyone. This is what I love about Trae, his whole approach and style is just about doing himself and fuck anyone that wants to front. It’s honest and straightfoward. No bullshit gimmicks or industry hype, just real shit with no weakness attached.

A.B.N. – My Momma

A.B.N., Assholes By Nature, is Trae and Z-ro. Two of the dopest motherfuckers out of Houston with rapid fire flow just rolling each word into the next. Rocking that simple piano with a touch of synth and some basic drums. My favorite part of the song is when Z-ro is going though that childhood portion of his verse. Giving you that background on how he got the point where he can’t trust any of these shit ass motherfuckers.
Lil Keke, Slim Thug, Hawk, Bun B, Trae – They Don’t Know

Man hold up, rocking them paul wall hits but without a verse from paul or mike jones. I love this beat and it’s great to hear some champs rocking it. Motherfuckers don’t know about loading them groceries into a cardboard box at Texas T or eating too much of that Blue Bell on a field trip to Brenham. Hell they don’t know about drawin yo square and boxing up with boys on your first day at Stephen F Austin middle school.

I got a lot of shit I want to post up about but this half ass post is all I can muster right now. Katrina fucked up my shit and it’s hard trying to figure out just what the fuck is the point of posting when so many people need help. But music keeps me sane so I figure in the midst of all this shit some folks might find a little comfort in some rap music.

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