Nas 50 Cent Diss MP3

Peep the highly google-able Nas 50 Cent diss MP3 title.

Anyway, is this really a diss song? “My raps bring horror like the board of a ouija”? Jesus. You’re embarrassing yourself, dude. Beat’s not bad though.

I still think “Ether” is the most overrated diss song in the history of rap music. How motherfuckers want to argue that Nas even came close to winning that Jay-Z battle is absolutely ridiculous. I really don’t understand that shit. Anyway, Nas’s biggest flaw as an emcee is he doesn’t know his limits. Dude cannot make a hot party song and dude isn’t really that dope when he’s trying to spit this kind of hard shit. Truth be told, that isn’t really a bad thing that he can’t do that shit. The bad thing is, he constantly tries to do that shit. Give it up, dog! Know your limits! Just do that street, intellectual thug thing with your moments of brilliant flow and introspective insight and please chill the fuck out on this other dumb shit, dude. Damn. You’re really fucking up your already fucked-up legacy.

Nas “Dont Body Ya Self”


One response to “Nas 50 Cent Diss MP3

  1. Nigga ur a fool! Jay-Z lost that battle vs Nas with a big difference. Jay didnt get close….at all. Ether made me switch artists from Jay to Nas!
    Or maybe Jay fel off because of that horrible gay ass blueprint album

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