Minor slang innovation: “litty” slowly replacing the moribund “lit”and here we have its first theme song. Though I’m agnostic at best on Lil Yachty—his faux-naif ironic childhood fixation is no more interesting to me than it was when tapped by twee indie rock or BuzzFeed—he acquits himself well here over a nice slab of Zaytoven-core. I have difficulty imagining what a Good Lil Yachty project sounds like—my inclination is that it would shake the Bad Irony of Rugrats samples & similar, although I fear that for his fans it would require doubling down on it. But his actual bar-for-bar rapping works narratively on occasion (here, and on Chance the Rapper’s “Mixtape,” for example). I’m very curious how his vision will cohere: even if I am bearish on potential results, he has my attention.

Poncho and Lil Yachty – Litty (2016)

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