Same Ol Yellow Tape

Plug – Body Bounce (2016)

Much like Young Thug, Plug is a great rap moniker. Plug is from Chicago and has co-written and produced for King Louie, notably on his Play It Again EP—see the great “Sippin”—or on Plug’s own record  “All This Money.” (The latter may remind Gucci stans—Plug is one as well—of a slowed version of GuWop’s “Going In.”)

“Body Bounce” is Plug’s best single to date, though. A flip of Tame Impala’s “Same Ol Mistakes”—Plug recorded this song before Rihanna released her cover, or Childish Gambino used it to promote his new TV show—the sample works great for a counterintuitive drill record about dropping bodies. There’s def a disturbing Mozzy-esque aspect to its uber-violent content. But Plug has a bit of that sly straight-faced humor (“trap awards got Plug name in the envelope”) a la Louie or Gucci to dab it with a bit of humanity. Generally, his wordplay is quite enjoyable, subtly funny but without hammering home punchlines or undercutting its seriousness for the purposes of humor.

Fantasy remix lineups accepted here: Gucci would obviously kill it and should jump on board ASAP, if his team knows what they’re doing.

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