She Gotta Friend

9-1-1 emergency!
drop top benz is burgundy
yo girl has just been stolen from you
call that shit a burglary
hard top lambo earlier
drop top beemer later doe
chevy vette with stupid feet
got yo wife in bucket seats
stupid crib and stupid bid
gucci mane is how i live
so icey is what i am but hes not who he say he is
think a minute
maybe i get money every single minute
even when im sleepin money climbin creepin makin interest
said she got a boyfriend
but he aint the kid tho
neck cold wrist cold
diamonds in my earlobe
dom p for breakfast
rose for lunch
cristal for dinner
appetizer, 30 blunts

3 responses to “She Gotta Friend

  1. he’s not my favorite of the bunch but i definitely appreciate his unrivaled dedication to the badge of the couplet cowboy. the cleanly punctuated power chords always succeed in leaving me convinced of his cool. there’s definitely guys that do it better but they get lost in the EMCEE SKILLZ laundry list and tinker with aspects of their game to the detriment of their actual lines. he seems to be the only guy willing to cast aside the aftermarket cadences and keep both mitts on the handlebars.

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