Talking With Innovative Street Terminology

Just digitized this MC Twist tape, it was his first joint after leaving Florida and Skywalker.He was repping East San Jose pretty hard on this shit, rollin like BART but riding Cal Train in his video. There is a lot of coke rap on this shit, who would have thought San Jose had it like that in 1990. Figure that’s got to be more influenced by what was going down in the east bay than the south but who knows I’m just guessing. The best part of the whole tape is the first verse of What I Came 2 Do when they cut out the beat and he says “So to the curious you want a serious reply? I eat, make money, fuck hoes til I die.” The last part of the line is probably his strongest delivery through out the whole album. Over all the tape isn’t really that amazing but it’s got some moments that made it worth grabbing. I don’t know what Twist is doing these days, only thing I know of was an album that dropped in 97 and I think moved to Rocklin or some shit but other than that who knows what this he’s up to anymore.

The warning on the tape is funny shit: “Unauthorized Reproduction or Duplication Will Get U Mopped Up!”

Cocaine Bizness

A Step Beyond

Cold Chillin In San Jose

What I Came 2 Do

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