2008 Top 20s

People like lists so here u guys go — twenty rap albums that are the best ones released this year and twenty rap singles i was feelin that weren’t listed by Cocaine Blunts. If it will make u more mad, pretend I didnt just make that singles list off the top of my head as I went along.

1. Young Jeezy – The Recession
2. Scarface – Emeritus
3. Gucci Mane – Back to the Traphouse
4. Dubb Union – Snoop Dogg Presents Dubb Union
5. Q-Tip – The Renaissance
6. A.B.N. – It Is What It Is
7. Blaq Poet – Blaq Out
8. Webbie – Savage Life 2
9. Killer Mike – I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II
10. Legendary Traxter – The Return of Gangsta Music
11. G-Side – Starshipz and Rocketz
12. Prodigy – Product of the 80s
13. Z-Ro – Crack
14. T.I. – Paper Trail
15. Reks – Grey Hairs
16. AZ – Undeniable
17. Speedknot Mobstaz – Mobstability II: Nation Business
18. E-40 – The Ball Street Journal
19. DJ Muggs and Planet Asia – Pain Language
20. The Game – LAX


1. Wiz Khalifa – Say Yeah
If u don’t think this is fun, fuck you.
2. 334 Mobb ft. Rich Boy – Supafly
Better than the Project Pat single, same ’03-era hypnotized schtick.
3. Sen Dog – Capo
What an age we live in that I’m pushing Sen Dog singles — album is pretty weak but enjoy the scratching over the outro of this single. MOST OF MY ENEMIES SLEEP WELL BELOW SOIL!!
4. Hot Stylez – Lookin Boy
blog reading lookin boy list critiquing lookin boy
5. Terrance Martin ft. Snoop, Quik & Kurupt – Bounce Rock Skate
I said this in another post but Quik’s verse on this shit was classic – deserved a video, deserved to be a hit. Check out “I’m Toe Up” also.
6. B.G. feat. Juvenile, Lil Wayne and Trey Songz – Ya Heard Me
This sounded so epic at the beginning of the year, even Trey Songz couldnt fuck this up.
7. Royce Da 5’9 – Shake This

Premo had a great year this year — between Reks, Term, Royce, NYG’z (technically made over the last 4 years but whatever), Blaq Poet, Big Shug, Fat Joe, Luda (ha whatever) and, um, Maroon 5.
8. Grind Mode – She’s So Fly
If u think this is R&B u would be wrong — whatever happened to all those traxx ripping off of sensual seduction?? I guess I’m glad it ended before it got stale, this was probably the best altho I also was feeling “Shone” and that Young Dro single that got no traction.
9. Scarface – High Powered
Nothing to say about this.
10. Trai’d – Gutta Bitch
11. Gucci Mane ft. Yo Gotti – Light Show
This could have been like 20 diff songs — bands, shipping spree, gucci bandana, vette pass by, stoopid, whatever yr ’08 gucci man joint was insert here.
12. Statik Selektah feat. Cassidy, Saigon and Termanology – Take it to the Top
13. Alfamega – 4 or 5 Ways
I thought this was his best, sounds like those classic trap muzik/urban legend-era T.I. beats.
14. NYG’z feat. Blaq Poet & Rave Roulet – Bow Down
15. People Under the Stairs – The Wiz
16. Gorilla Zoe – What It is
Gorilla Zoe being playfully lyrical >>> Gorilla Zoe makes sad rap 😦
17. The Knux – Cappuccino
Maybe I’d be more down w/ ‘hipster rap’ if it all sounded like De La Soul ripoffs. Good song.
18. A.B.N. – Who’s the Man
First single I really loved this year, slow rolling g-funk forever.
19. C-Murder ft. Papoose, Krayzie Bone & Mia X – Posted on the Block Remix
Thnx to plumdrank of gel and weave(RIP) for this one.
20. Lil Wayne feat. Static Major – Lollipop
RIP Static & fuck tha haters.


Worst rapper people are actually buying
Rick Ross. This dude is pretty terrible — a good character in theory but cant actually rap well. Sounds real contrived all the time. Stop buying his records.

Best beat, most awful verses
imagine the beat to “Stay Up (Viagra)” if it had entirely different rappers, concept, title + execution — pretty nice imo.

Ordinary person but I’m paid award
Rik Cordero did how many damn videos this year??

Honorable Mention award
Had no idea how to file that Alchemist EP so it didnt make singles or albums lists. Its fire though.

Questions for ’09
— Grand Hustle dilemmas — will Dro ever have another album? When is Alfamega’s dropping? Whats up with that B.G. record?
— Gorilla Zoe, Gucci Mane, B-Real, Rich Boy, OJ Da Juiceman, Alchemist albums
— To be honest I am not that excited about the prospect of a new Big Boi album

maybe more of this as i think of it

6 responses to “2008 Top 20s

  1. The Recession and Game still suck, and I would’ve picked a Gucci song where he doesn’t sound illiterate/like a dumber version of Mike Jones (like “Shopping Spree”), but I guess we now know the answer to the age-old riddle, “how many great rappers do you need on one track to make a Papoose-featuring song listenable.” Three.

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