New Juggaknots

Art Of Rhyme has some new Juggaknots tracks up. The first track is Namesake which is pretty chill. Not really some destroyer type shit but I’m feeling it, thank god from some underground shit that doesn’t suck ass. It’s Breeze on the track by himself speaking a little on the early – mid 90’s underground scene. I don’t want to say I’m dissappointed by this track but when I heard they were going to be dropping the new single I was hoping it was going to be some ridiculous angry monster beat with Breeze just ripping the fuck out of it. Breeze is one of my favorite rappers, dude is so nice with it. When Fire In Which You Burned dropped that shit just destroyed what I thought could be done with this rap shit. If you’re not up on Clear Blue Skies you need to get your fucking head out of your ass and cop that shit.

AOR also has this track Sumday up. Dope joint but it didn’t make the album cut. Another chill track which is proving to be kind of hard for me to digest not because it’s bad or anything. Rather just because I’ve been listening to rowdy as fuck southern rap for like a month straight. Laid back underground new york raps are a pretty drastic change for me right now.

The new record is called Use Your Confusion and it’s probably the first underground hiphop record that I’ve actually be excited about in a long ass time. Hell I actually thought about going to Scribble just because they were on the line up. Never seen these dudes live and it’s enough to make me consider flying to shitty ass ohio. But the key word here is consider, while I think The Juggaknots are great I don’t need more cdrs from dudes who want to save hiphop.

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