Still I Stay Strapped With A Waterproof Gun

South Park Mexican – Mexican Radio

I never really was all that into South Park Mexican, him being a molester didn’t really get me all that pumped to peep his shit either. In fact I’m pretty clueless about any of his other records. The only reason I even started listening to him was because of a friend of mine came over one day with a cd telling me I had to listen to this joint, Mexican Radio just to hear how dude says the chorus. I have to admit it is pretty great. The beat just crawls along slow as fuck as SPM comes with his weird sedated froggy delivery. The song really isn’t about mexican radio but it’s spaced out feeling it reminds of driving down I-10 in west Texas just leaving El Paso jamming some jacked as fuck mexican radio that wasn’t all dance dance and trying to stay awake as I make the next 200 miles to Fort Stockton in the middle of the night because staying in Van Horn is not an option. Last time I stayed there roaches came out of my sink, black shit came out of the shower, and I’ve still got a warrant for me in that shit town so motherfuck Van Horn and Culberson County.

Also here’s a little bonus version just in case the original is a little to rapid fire for you.

Mexican Radio (Screwed & Chopped)

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