Since When

I’ve never been a fan of the CunninLynguists. For the most part they made music that that I found to be bland as fuck. I’m actually surprised that I’m going to post about these dudes because I’ve never given a fuck about their music. They got a new record dropping on Tuesday called A Piece Of Strange. Well kids on messageboards have been saying some shit like this is the best album in a long time and just because people are saying this about cunninglynguists I was curious to find out what kind of retarded bullshit they were listening too. Now I don’t think it’s the best shit ever but this record is surprisingly good and worth at least giving a listen. CL decided to get cute with the concept, each song is a part of a story, motherfucking chapters forming albums full of magic and wonder!(go here for more on the story) When I heard about this I was a skeptical because it sounded like it had some jesus tones and I hate that shit. Yeah that shit is there but it’s not like that retarded Chamillionaire song about how I’m lost because I think god is a waste. Anyways the production has definetly stepped the fuck up on this album. XXL said it “evokes vintage UGK and Dungeon Fam” which is pretty obvious when you hear Deacon referencing classic ugk and goodie mob lines on songs. I’m posting up “Since When” which is one of the more hype tracks but it gives you small feel for what these dudes are doing on this one. The themes and tones of the album are pretty diverse and it’s definitely some interesting shit.

since when

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