The death of Mac Dre

Killa Cali livin

I’m not really familiar with this sort of west coast gangsta so maybe Serg will school us some more on Mac Dre when he gets a chance but I have heard a few songs and it really sucks that he was murdered. There are mp3s up both over at Gov’t Names and Futurism Ain’t Shit. Check them both.

RIP Mac Dre

RIP John Kerry campaign

3 responses to “The death of Mac Dre

  1. well I work with a guy who went to high school with Mac Dre out in Vallejo(home to E-40 and B-Legit), apparently they use to make fun of him for singing and rapping in the hallways and shit. I guess he sucked but then he started to get good and people started to check for him.

    As for Mac Dre robbing banks no one can really confirm or deny that he did it. As far as from what I know.

    anyways the man has a shitload of releases, check the Young Black Brother album.

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