Because I can’t stand this election bullshit anymore

I’m too pissed to talk about this shit so here are some things that are not Bullshit 2004 related

well actually this is kind of bullshit but the word on the streets(internet) is that someone put some bullholes in Chino XL and then screamed Thug Life. I haven’t seen anything from a credible news source but fuck it, as long as I don’t have to think about how fucking angry I am at this country.

Breaking news reports are indicating that rapper Chino XL was shot in the chest 3 times in Pomona California by a young, 19 year old suspect from California, who reportedly screamed “thug life” as he opened fire. Police are looking at the possibility that the feud between Chino XL and the late Tupac Shakur lead to the shooting.

Chino XL ridiculed Tupac on an underground freestyle, stating the rapper must have been raped during his 1995 incarceration. Tupac responded with various verbal assaults, including a small mention on the outro of his infamous diss track, “Hit Em Up.”


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