Post Malone – Monte (ft. Lil Yachty)


Dallas’ own Post Malone has had an….interesting last two years. White Iverson was huge, an ethereal song peppered with NBA references with a beat that kind of lulls you in. After that, there were other songs (Too Young being the best, IMO) but still no mixtape or album to speak of. Out of nowhere, Post finally put out a project, the mysteriously titled August 26th. Monte is a song loosely based around the exploits of (former) Dallas Mavericks shooting guard, Monta Ellis! No idea why he misspelled his name, but thats besides the point. Post spends this song bragging over a beat that sounds like a pitched down choo-choo train with a bassline…and its damn good, somehow. Yes, he went back to the well twice on “songs named after NBA players”, but he went 2 for 2, so who cares. Lil Yachty manages to sneak on this and sounds rather comfortable, even managing to make me laugh at “I got more hoes than Elvis”. I enjoyed the song, and one day I may even get to the bottom of the “Why is Yachty so much better on features than his own work” mystery.

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