I start cutting DJs heads off

All Hip-Hop recently did an interview with veteran mixtape DJ Kay Slay. The first part of the interview he runs pretty typical promotion for his upcoming Streetsweeper mixtape, but the second part has some interesting insights on the labels’ hypocritical attitude toward mixtape DJs…

AllHipHop.com: You mentioned it earlier, so I wanted to ask what are your thoughts on the Sony-BMG merger? … They cutting back staff, so they may cut back budgets. Especially cause you aren’t like a traditional artist. They may be like, ‘We could do what Slay does.’ [laughs]

Kay Slay: Well you know what, then I’ll cut back on playing their shit. And I start cutting DJs heads off that want to play their records. That’s when you put the pressure on. Fuck them niggas, yo. They got to play by the rules, man. Because it’s already a double-standard game as far as them not promoting mixtape DJs when the beef comes from the R.I.A.A. Because they hand us the fucking records, like here ‘I need you to promote my new artist that I’m trying bring up.’ Or even artists they already got, ‘I need you to break the record in the street.’ For the mixtape, they will give you the records. BUT—if you have a headache with the R.I.A.A., they don’t wanna give you a letter stating: He does independent promotion for us and no he’s not selling the tapes, they for promotional use only. I don’t sell no mixtapes, they just to keep my name alive. But what about the people that have to do that to make a living? They straight giving them 20 to 30 records to make a tape, and when the beef comes they ain’t backing them, man. So I feel a way about that anyway. It’s nasty, yo. That’s why I got the attitude I got.

So the labels want the promotion mixtapes provide, but when the RIAA comes in talking about copyright infringement, the label that handed out the records won’t stand up for the DJ.

I’ve only heard a few tracks associated with Kay Slay so if he’s worth checking out in greater detail someone point me in the right direction.


4 responses to “I start cutting DJs heads off

  1. He has a couple major-label “mixtapes” out that have some pretty cool cuts on them, he’s definitely been promoting dirty south shit. His recent one has tracks w/ 3-6 and lil jon that are pretty hot. I think the single was “Not your average joe” or sommat like that which was Fat Joe, Joe Budden and R&B singer Joe on the same track. It was ok. I like Joe Budden, he needs to get his shit together.

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