You know the place

So Serg gave me shit for posting about Ginuwine because its 14-year-old girl music or something, so here is some badass rapper music with which to reassert my masculinity. Motherfucker.

The only googleable image of Smoothe on the whole internet, with Vlad the Butcher.

Y’all know Smoothe da Hustla from the totally classic BROKEN LANGUAGE which is like if you took “Time’s Up” and replaced O.C.’s lyrical fists with bricks. Or some shit I donno it’s late and I’m tired. Anyway I have no idea what the fuck this dude is up to any more other than hooking up with Trigger the Gambler who sounds silly because he spells out his R’s when Smoothe is DA HUSTLA but what the fuck do I care? Also Lil Cease is here, and I think this song rules. This single is actually called “Even Da Odds,” but that song is lame because it samples Carmina Burana poorly, and if you’re gonna sample that then do it right. It also comes off as a little Dipset. The other song on the CD single is called “Get This Money” but I don’t like it that much. Anyway enough talking, listen to this shit:

Smoothe da Hustla, Trigger the Gambler and Lil Cease – Brooklyn

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