In defense of Jazze Pha

This is one of the less-creepy pictures of Ginuwine on the internets.

Ginuwine – Secrets

So just as soon as I finish clowning Jazze, talking about how bored I am by his pimp-formula-tracks he brings it on … Ginuwine’s album?! Yes. And Back II Da Basics is definitely a solid R&B album too, for those of you who like R&B, up with Mariah, Keyshia Cole, Charlie Wilson and Amerie’s releases this year. The trick is Ginuwine himself of course, something Timbaland fanatics might not have given him on 100% Ginuwine even though he deserved the accolades for that too. But “Secrets” is cool because its Jazze doing one of those Neptunes-style Rhythm and Gangsta beats they did for Snoop, smoove silvery R&B a la “Signs,” but without now-annoying Neptunes quirks. And there’s the addictive chorus where Ginuwine’s voice peaks on “SEEEEcret, canyoukeepa SEEEcret.” I like the uptempo songs more on first listen but its usually that way for me with R&B, I’ll let some of the slow jams grow on me. None of them seem outright boring at first, which is a good sign, because Ginuwine is like the hardest working man in slow jams.
Buy the album here.

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