Gucci’s top 25 verses 2009 pt 1: 25-11


This is not a top 25 songs list, its a top 25 verses list. & we tried to get a good variety of styles & approaches. Classical did not make the list because its a song clowning folks who are looking for lyrical miracles & his hyperarticulating is part of the joke (as is the chorale singing “gu-hu-hu-chi”), plus its actually not that entertaining when yr following along with what hes saying — more a technical exercise.

For what its worth, we never claimed Gucci was on some next level philosophical shit — hes just a good lyricist in the vein of Bun’s “we three, me C and Master P, sippin on Gin and Kiwi”-type memorable, visceral imagery & inventive rhyming.

Thanx to Jordan & Taharka AKA HAM CITY for contributing.

njoy/argue/post better lyrics in the comments. this can start discussion not end it & isnt meant to be definitive, he released a lot of shit! Sorry if some of these were recorded before 2009 but they only became widely available then. Make transcription corrections in the comments too, we could have been perfectionists but then this wouldn’t come out for another couple months, esp since my laptop just pulled a noz’s & died.

25. Ain’t Nothin Else to Do
I’m jumpin out the lemon like im posin for a grammy
diamonds dancin got em glancin phantom parked outside my mansion
you cant manage money dammit and your cheese will surely vanish
im so handsome, healthy, smart feel that i have an advantage
warfare i know how to handle it, i dont panic i do damage
fancy footwear on ferraris make the felines get real mannish
my connect first language spanish his english, cant understand it
im a trap money fanatic i feel these bustas pathetic
you ride gucci you regret it whats my equal never met him
if i met him ima press him unexpected i’m a felon
pockets swellin my lil wrist is like a drop-top 9/11
get some money my suggestion, gucci mane the livin legend

24. Good Money, 1st verse
the lam is where the glock is, wrist is where the rocks is
kush so loud you can smell the shit in knoxville
you try gucci mane, no deal, no grill
eatin oatmeal how you live for the next year
goons on thrill, best chill, you won’t live
won’t be here, i’ll be on mtv cribs
my top goin forward but car on stand still
rims goin forward but the coupe just stay here
caviar guts in my hard top, millionaire,
young trillionaire, icy as a frigidare
car, bought another, he just fell like a ballplayer
no i’m not a ballplayer, i’m just a tall plaaayyyyer

23. I Got Em
i got her wasted, intoxicated
lil mama geeked
got her gone on that stupid skrong
i know she a freak
gucci homies like cheech and chong
please pass me that bong
go along you just rollin wrong
kush is my cologne
and so icey is my coalition
1017 my clique
and my watch cost bout a bentley and my ring cost bout a brick
i got 30 niggas with me so you know my hood is thick
and we gone off pills and liquor brick squad niggas in this bitch
herb, gucci mane murders words polo like a nerd, word, my rings cost a whole bird
smokin on that strong purp, get gone, gucci known, what the fuck was drama on
comma comma comma comma commas keep on comin on

22. My Shadow (2nd verse)
i got a bolo under my polo, i’m out on promo
i got these tear drops under my izz-eye don’t make it one mo
and i got kilos, one for the two-oh that was like oh-fo
i had drizzle, yup bags of smizzle, but keep it low-low
can’t tell the po-po, i’m friends with fizol, cuz that’s a no-no
smoke this guido, me and my vatos, but yous a bozo
my fans so loyal, down till i blizzow, this shit like Waco
i got candy… paint on my cell phone, your shit from maaco
i’m out the tizzop, connect the dizzots, i’m buildin legos
and this shizzam just like a waffle, i call it eggos
i’m got those hundos off in my pocket, a stupid bank roll
and if you try me, the coroner gon wrap ya, just like a egg roll

21. Beat It Up (verse 3)
Gucci, trey songz, put it on
my shirt off when i perform
she say this her favorite song
she got on my favorite thong
she so hot, too hot to touch
truthfully too much for lames
gucci mane i’m extra game
so extra rubbers ima bring
got yo main thang screamin gucci
every tuesday night we do it
wish we could do it more often
but i’m often somewhere flossin
lay it down like carpet, barbie
aston martin, double park it
beat it like we got a problem
pop it till she call me poppa
freakin partners probly never bother with a second option
hoppin, got the mattress poppin, rockin while her girlfriend watchin
freakin partners probly never bother with a second option
hoppin, got the mattress poppin, rockin while her girlfriend watchin gucci!

20. I Think I Want Her
yall ball when you can but i stunt when i wanna
your girlfriend wanna fuck me… i think we’re gonna
marijuana got my beemer foggy as a sauna
i’m gucci mane la flare bitch i’m such a prima donna
i’m east atlanta shawty but i hang where i wanna
got a plug in arizona but used to slang on the corner
got a [??] lookin chick i ride her like winona
i’ll text my city plenty when she come from california
you are not the owner of that car it is a loaner
got money stacks as tall as you cuz that’s just my persona
got half a million on my neck so try me if you wanna
keep a shooter with a chopper turn you to an organ donor

19. HATE U rmx
yellow like my lamborghini, got her in a red bikini
so much money make a wish, i can be your dream of genie
many plenty women dig me, so much jewelry they should clone me
got her girlfriends hatin on me that she can’t wait to leave me lonely
phantoms in atlanta, madam
damn we such a major tandem
essent’ oils or scented candles, leave me you be crazy baby
me, you can go crazy places
fly you, buy you crazy bracelets
lately i’ve been workin crazy, i know that you waitin patient
bed at night you think of me, if i was you ???
always out there chasin money, i feel you ironically
gucci mane make money ski, all these boys be hatin on me
i thought you’d stay down with me, you got me back in the street

18. Gingerbread Man (1st verse)
i’mma keep droppin verses hotter than the hottest summer
eatin rappers like jeffrey dahmer
dope color sinead o connor
should i name another woman?
rushin like president obama
warner brought 2 extra commas
all my shoes are ferragamo
lightning ice, you hear the thunder
even stevie wonder wonder
why your baby mama call so much i had to change my number
sarcasm! these bitches need a ride or i’d pass em
i wouldn’t even give that bitch an orgasm
miraculously my niggas stand beside and not in back of me
so disrespect my faculty? how dare you have audacity
the club packed to capacity
i catch her automatically
i spit these rhymes erratically, sporadically

17. Crime Wave Rmx
i push white rocks behind my burglar bars
i hired myself to be my shooter so im self-employed
and i am very paranoid
but beef i don’t avoid
if i catch you slippin bitch then ima catch another charge
i got a premonition ima need more ammunition
and aint no opposition once i kill all competition
from the genesis to exodus im soaked in metal ish
like a gypsy i predicted killin, im a pessimist
from zone 6 on back to queens, all way back to zone 6
fore a hater try to kill, he’ll cut off his own dick
so choose which way you wanna die cuz i know 99 ways
i done [???] from gucci, i just ride the crime wave–

16. Steady Mobbin’
what the fuck is up? it’s gucci mane the G
that’s tity boy, no pity boy, but scarcity the city boy
so icey so no likey but just gucci, louie, prada
scuse me
gucci mane keep shittin on me, why that boy keep buyin jewelry
east atlanta cockin hammers, bandannas on car antennas
no we do not talk to strangers, just cut off these niggas fingers
gucci’s armed and dangerous, cocaine, codeine and angel dust
this AK47 will hit you anywhere from the ankle up
clip same size as nia long, clip long as a pringles can
four-five desert eagle on me, you’ll think i’m an eagles fan
toni braxton sniper rifle make you never breathe again
fuck that nigga, kill that nigga, bring him back, kill him again

15. Trap Goin Crazy (1st Verse)
atlanta put your fingers up, bangin’ like a center
my diamond niggas swingin like the thriller in manilla
index look like christmas, pinky cold as winter
see the frozen crystals when i hit the cigarillo
remember i’m a genius, nah like washington a wizard
not from pittsburgh, pa but your girl i might just steeler
in my red ferrari, sittin on spinners, tinted windows
blinkin like a blinker, on the seats are my initials
probably see me, you could see me, with this puerta rican groupie
blue bikini, if you like ’em cheatin’? cause i’m trick or treatin’
sittin on skinnys in my lambourghini while you dream of genie
as i’m leanin and my carats gleamin and the sun is beamin

14. Hustler’s Anthem Rmx
i muscle like russell, im icy like busta
dont bring your girl around gucci cuz i might fuck her
so icey boy baby everything groovy
hat to the shoes baby everything gucci
twelve seater, two seater, in case i feel coupeless
eazy e drop top i call the car roofless
rap star ice but a trap star life
40 in my left and right in case i wanna roll dice
50 in my back take a rock star wife
big cheese, long bread
wanna have a food fight?
anytime, any place, we could have a money fight
quarter mill, two days, four shows, three flights
gucci mane and busta, boy dj play it loud
jewelry so loud i think we need to turn it down
a-town hawks shit, new york knicks shit
busta rhymes, it’s gucci and i’m still on zone 6 shit

13. Awesome (2nd verse)
so icy is my company and millions made monthly
managed by my aunt-y, i make a lotta currency
currently increasing g’s, you keep interrupting me (shh!!)
i grinded, grinded, one day blew up suddenly
you must have a low self esteem you keep on hatin on me
girlfriend keep on datin me, she say she like the thug in me
marijuana drug in me, purple codeine drug in me,
ecstasy, liquor sippin, you dont gotta fuck wit me
dont you think a what can be, homeboy he a bug-a-boo
you just a lil nut to me, sold ya like a crush decree (??????????)
awesome paint job on my benz, smoke gray on them silver things
no, this is not a dream, lil mama come join my team

12. Posted at the Store
now the cookie cutter cut the butter
stutter just like duh-duh man
now the carpet [???] man is swarmin in and say i’m drug loiterin
smokin on a stem or you smokin on a coke can
still got the party pack so go and have a party man
flat shoals or bouldercrest so call me the sun valley man
98 caprice and it’s sounding like the marching band
see i pack it in like pakistan or soldiers in afghanistan
it’s gucci man the african and i’m a black republican
see my watch is frosted flakes and my chain is tucan sam
call me gucci man, dont call me sam i come from birmingham
thats my alabama, atlanta, ridin in a phantom
purple in my purple phantom smokin the green marijuana
and the aroma from the arizona stronger than ammonia
call me gucci man i’m lookin at your baby girl, i’m on ya
cuz i want ya and i gotcha, gotcha right where i want ya
the aroma from the arizona stronger than ammonia

11. Beat It Up (1st Verse)
hop out my bed, turn my swag on
scrambled eggs, filet mignon
two g’s blown just for cologne
money never limited, so icey with benefits
my driveway need a passport, all my cars are immigrants
ech! it’s so sickening, history you’re witnessing
i had her cuz she quit me, now i’m single wanna get with me?
sticky game, they stick to me, if you see your chick with gucci
think before confronting, ruling, it ain’t my fault your lady choosin
430s still blowing purpy, 08 verty rollin dirty
wardrobe clean as dish detergent, got yo girlfriend pickin purses
say she lonely, gucci only, one wish to meet me in person
when she met me, hugged my neck, and told me that she love my verses

9 responses to “Gucci’s top 25 verses 2009 pt 1: 25-11

  1. nice

    I also liked his verse on “As real as it gets” of burrprint 3D, esp. the second half (I got stacks I got sticki-stacks, stacks on top of stacks), just the relentlessnes of the flow

    oh and theres another feature-verse but I forgot which song it was I’ll find it and get back to this

  2. “its a song clowning folks who are looking for lyrical miracles & his hyperarticulating is part of the joke”

    you’re leaping with this inference.

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  4. i suppose his intent is arguable. perhaps he is just trying to show off his dexterity (“all nas need is one mic, all i need is one stove / homie got a nice flow but gucci got that white coke”), he could be reveling in the song’s premise or clowning or both, i dont read minds but imo “Classical” still aint all that. “Ima Star” was a better song & his vocals smeared all over the track on that one

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  6. Gucci mane Sickest Freestyle. outflows lil waynes bitch ass too easy.

    this is a so icey story
    im the narrarator, no paper lets get it poppin
    eveporate like rain it’s gucci the rain mane,
    i sold a lot of caine my chain do gang swangs
    gucci mane what it do
    im so icey my diamonds from puru
    theyre red
    you heard me so that is enough said
    i flood, like mud, but my jacob is a crip
    you feel me? i slip.
    my jacob is a crip, and my diamonds from puru

    We bang where we wanna,
    hang on the corner,
    smokin marijuana,
    with my partnas from the north mane.
    Gucci mane la Flare and I am from the south,
    You disrespect So Icey i’ll knock your ass out.
    We hang where we wanna,
    we bang on them cornaz,
    we smokin marijuana with my niggas from the north mane.
    Gucci mane i’m southern
    go ask the government

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