So Many Shrimp Radio Episode 20 – Rio Mac & ChaseTheMoney


Episode 20 celebrates the production team most known for propelling Valee into a GOOD Music deal through Def Jam: Rio Mac (Part 1, and interview with an exclusive, lengthy DJ mix) and Chase The Money (Part 2, interview only). Rio, has been producing for years and first broke onto the scene with King Louie’s “Too Cool” seven years ago, and has since developed a stark, spare style responsible for the sound of narrative-driven rappers like Ty Money as well. ChaseTheMoney, originally from St. Louis, has a style which gives a tight focus to a noisier, busier style.

Rio came through David’s living room for an interview with Charne and David, while Chill and David decamped to Chase’s downtown hideaway for a quick interview session….

Part 1: Rio Mac (interview + mix)

Part 2: ChaseTheMoney (interview)

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