We ain’t scaaaared

Bling Dawg – Yeah, Yeah (Bubble Up Riddim)

Pretty new riddim from lenky marsden (of diwali fame) and it could easily be the next diwali or coolie here in the states. And if they use this hot fucking voicing from Bling Dawg they won’t even need Sean Paul or Nina Sky this time. The Elephant Man and Chico voicings are also pretty great – the riddims are changed up a bunch for each dj – but Bling Dawg’s is definitely my favorite. Fast riddim, smooth keys and trombone-like bass grumbles over handclap bounce. Get this shit right now. (thanks to Dave Stelfox on Dissensus and my real-world jamaica connect Q for keeping me up on this shit – this riddim is just bananas.)

One response to “We ain’t scaaaared

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