Bleek and Free duckin’ the cops

Freeway – Night Shift

Mixtape-only release from about a year or so ago, over some soulful 80s one track jack I should probably recognize but don’t, Free and Bleek drop some straight raps about working the night shift drug pushing. Although I loved “What We Do” it was really this track that got me excited about the eventually disappointing Free solo album. Free has this Ghostface-ness about him, how his voice gets more intense and and excited but he’s less abstract, running from cops, selling to fiends, all these ridiculous internal rhymes: “Fiends they be up and about/ en route / try to pick somethin’ up they can trade for the base and uh/ that’s bas-ically what its about / watch ya mouth when thugs talk/ late night when its dark/ release the park park up right on my pavement/ my patience wearin’ down slowing down my payment/ they pay me, throw stray shots at the narcs in the dark…” This track epitomizes show-dont-tell rapping, a descriptive and inspired performance.

Ends with Freeway:

“…Now this lady trynna cop

got a lot in the middle

kicked out the line

don’t need that shit on my mind

Another crack baby up in the spittle

crack put me in the ‘lac

crack put me in the jail

crack that I flip gave me money for bail

but still had to go to court

crack got your boy caught in the system….”

This song is fucking great.

4 responses to “Bleek and Free duckin’ the cops

  1. My expectations were too high.
    But yo, Commodores-sampled tracks are the SHIT. Have y’all heard “Zoom” by Jacki-O? I don’t think it made her album either, but it was on that mixtape that came out beforehand.

  2. e fOUR oH (e40) Did a version of zoom many moons ago:

    and I quotheth:

    “I never had
    Lobster in my life
    or Teriyaki Steak,
    Just sardines, salmon and Corn Flakes
    Pacific Bell done put me on restriction once again
    I can’t call out, but you can call in.
    Can barely can sleep, barely can focus
    My crackhead cousin spent the night,
    now we got roaches!!

    (by west up)

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