If you wanted to hear Z-Ro on a Timbaland beat

Short Dawg – Bone feat. Z-Ro

…Today your wish comes true. Incorporating Bone Thugs AND talking about cough syrup — sure to be the next hip-hop media darling. Plum Drank from ye old gel and weave recently put me onto the unfortunately-named Short Dawg’s awesomely-named The Adventures of Dr. Drankenstein tape which features his weird Magoo-like flow (but better lyrics) over a nice selection of beats, including one that has a better oh-shit-my-phone-is-vibrating trick than Timbo’s i-left-my-cell-phone-on-the-speaker distortion in Ginuwine’s “Do U Remember?” courtesy the Honorable C-Note:

Short Dawg – Call Me

Spending time with rap tapes that you actually like is the new dealing-with-disappointment-at-current-rap-coverage-by-bitching at the collective obsession with a non-rapping rapper like Drake or bland non-entities like Stalley or Mac Miller. In order to benefit my blood pressure I’m trying a new project of sticking to covering rap music that is actually-good in order to combat the press for that which i deem subpar. it’s a project of positive enforcement, rather than tearing down others in a h8eresque fashion.

With the obvious exception of this post. But c’mon.