Weed and Shoes

Soulja Boy – Weed and Shoes

Was thinking through the whole Mac Miller thing, and about how easy it is to shit on his music. It’s ultimately quite empty stuff — if anyone knows of a single reason he has a fanbase that isn’t the color of his skin, I’d be interested to hear it. Because the only way I see Mac Miller differentiating himself from an endless stream of dudes rapping about weed is that collegiate types see themselves in him, up on stage. Of course, he seems like an affable dude, and I have trouble hating on an independent artist able to separate people from money for music, so I think I’ll just hate on his audience & our sick society for blatantly surrendering to (subconscious?) racial pride at this point. Mac Miller is in way over his head, anyway.

Frankly, even if you name a more talented version of Mac Miller, I’m pretty tired of this entire archetype. I think Soulja Boy basically lapped them all by creating the most cynical distillation of the zeitgeist in “Weed and Shoes.” I’m not one of those strange internet critics who thinks SB is still releasing worthwhile music — I DL’d a tape of his earlier this year, hated every track except for the one that jacked Kingpin Skinny Pimp, gave up — but it’s hard to resist the complete desperation present here.

Thus ends any somanyshrimp discussion of Soulja Boy or Mac Miller, barring an earth-shaking collaboration from either with any artist I care about.