Legendary Traxster – Flood The Streets EP

I’m not sure I understand how one ‘floods the streets’ with an EP-length release, but nonetheless this 4-track EP is worth a download; “I Ball” is probably the best track. Getting pretty excited to hear Traxster is back recording again. Fake Shore Drive has been hinting that Mikkey Halsted, the Cash Money also-ran behind Liquor Store, has some big project coming out that includes Traxster’s input.

One thing you can be sure of is that a Traxster beat will sound incredible, in terms of mastering. The same couldn’t be said for LEP’s Now or Neva. The LEP had some great tracks — “Streetz Talking” is real cool — but it all sounded as if it was engineered in a submarine, which will probably keep it from getting the recognition it might have earned otherwise. Hopefully the NoDJ version will have a better mixdown.